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Industrial Cleaning Services

A&R is a family-run industrial cleaning company, the ideal supplier for your industrial cleaning needs. We’re experienced in industrial cleaning, and can deliver quality cleaning, whether you need your floors, interior or exterior cleaned. With our office cleaning services as an add-on, we can offer you the full package in one place.

What we do

We are a company built on personal responsibility and pride. Everything we do is to the highest standard, because we have genuine passion for the cleaning industry and customer service.

You’ll have an account manager who regularly audits your site, and a bespoke cleaning schedule to keep your industrial unit looking its best, and operating at its safest.

Why choose us

We understand that health and safety is paramount. We’re ISO:9001 accredited, and have all the processes and systems to guarantee quality. Our colour coding system means we use the right equipment in the right places, and our 10-step recruitment process means we only hire the best and most professional team members.

Our skilled and experienced industrial cleaning team are trained to offer a range of industrial cleaning services to local companies across South Wales, for example:

 Industrial office cleans

 Factory and unit cleans

 Factory exterior cleans

 Hard floor degreasing and maintaining

 Equipment cleaning

Why is industrial cleaning important?

Factories, warehouses, and other larger industrial premises can easily be neglected. Especially when it comes to keeping them immaculately clean. One of the reasons might be that it’s mainly your employees who make use of them, and customers rarely go there.

By hiring an industrial cleaning services, you ensure that the working environment is hazard-free, clean, and safe. And your employees will thank you for that.

We invest in our team and in training them to use industrial-grade equipment and cleaning products. By hiring us you will avoid harmful building materials that contain lead and asbestos, mould, dust and any other potential unsafe materials.

A regularly cleaned and maintained machinery and equipment prolongs their life and remain safe for use. Which will save your business money, and keep your employees safe and happy.

Why Our Clients Love Working With Us

To ensure that our impeccable standards are always met, we apply good communication, a personal service, trust and passion to everything we do.

Every client has a dedicated account manager and an onsite communication book.
Our staff have a visible log in/out system, meaning all hours are recorded.
Our friendly staff are all DBS checked, highly trained and employed in-house.
Tailored approach
We create bespoke cleaning schedules for every client and identify cleaning hotspots unique to them.
We take keyholder responsibility and insurance seriously, with guaranteed health and safety and COSHH compliance.
We have a specialist colour coding system, and use specialist, industry-leading equipment for every job.

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