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    4 Key cleaning tips you should know before returning to work.

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    Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses in Wales and across the UK have had to close their doors and have staff work from home. However, many businesses are planning to re-open and slowly have staff return to work.

    But before you return to work, here are 4 Key tips that our MD Rayner has suggested you follow!

    1.      Your cleaning team

    Whether you have an in-house team or an outsourced cleaning team it is important that you know:

    • What training they have had?
    • Their knowledge of the cleaning industry
    • How are they managed?
    • Are they set certain targets or goals?
    • Do they know what is expected of them? (Do they know how to keep a safe environment?)

    If you have an outsourced cleaning team in to clean your business but you do not have much interaction, now is the time to build that relationship with them.

    It is key for both you and them to understand:

    • What is priority?
    • What do you need as a business?
    • Do they understand your needs and requirements?

    If you do outsource your cleaning to a local cleaner, do they understand the implications of not cleaning with the correct methods and products?

    2.Cleaning Products

    Our MD Rayner has said this for many years, 1 cleaning product does not do all! You or your cleaning staff should be using a number of cleaning products to clean your business i.e. a degreaser, sanitiser, cleaner and disinfectant.

    When you return to work and look at your cleaning products, it is important to understand what they do e.g. if the product is a disinfectant, it will not be effective if the surface is dirty so the surface will need to be cleaned before disinfecting.

    We are a proactive cleaning company and use products that are BSN tested against a number of viruses including Norovirus, E. coli, MRSA, Cold & Flu. So, when looking at cleaning products make sure that they have certain BSN testing Numbers and state that they are viricidal or antibacterial.

    If you or your staff and using these types of products, they could potentially be putting you and your staff at risk.

    3.Colour coding

    Imagine that you have spilt a drink on your desk (and your desk only gets cleaned once a week which has been agreed by the director) Now your desk was cleaned 4 days ago and you wipe the spillage up with the cloth that was in the office kitchen. You then take that cloth back to the kitchen and leave it on the side without much thought. Later on, someone makes a cup of tea or coffee and then wipe down the handle of the kettle, the spout or the countertop with the same cloth that you used to clean your desk.

    That cloth that you cleaned your desk with would have picked up all the germs and bacteria from your desk (that hasn’t been cleaned for 4 days) and then spreads all those germs and bacteria from your desk into the kitchen. Putting you and your staff at risk of illness and infection.

    To eliminate the potential of cross-contamination between surfaces, it is important for your staff to know what colour cloths are to be used where. For example, a green cloth is only to be used within the kitchen area.

    4.COSHH and Safety data sheets

    When returning to work, the first thing you should check is the cleaning cupboard and check that you have COSSH and safety data sheets. When checking make sure that you have the correct information about products, equipment and processes to avoid any incidents when staff return to work.

    If you are planning to return to work and would like more tips or information contact our MD Rayner at If you would like more information about our Bio-misting or cleaning service you can get in touch with us on 01656 713950 or visit our website

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