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    5 Tips on finding the right commercial cleaning provider for you

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    2020 certainly has been the year for cleaners and commercial cleaning providers. Previously seen as invisible, cleaning buildings either at the crack of dawn or after everyone has gone home for the day, cleaners and commercial cleaning providers have been seen as unsung heroes during the pandemic– providing vital cleaning services to keep workplaces and services clean and safe from the Coronavirus.

    But with this massive spotlight now shone onto cleaners, commercial cleaning provider and the cleaning industry, businesses have become more aware of the need to have high cleaning standards and started questioning their current cleaning regimes – with many increasing their cleaning regimes to keep themselves, their staff, and clients safe.

    Although employing your own cleaning team may seem like an easy option, it involves a lot of work and money – providing training, uniform, equipment, and chemicals, and managing your team. So, getting a professional cleaning provider in is an easier and more cost-effective solution.

    However, with so many commercial cleaning providers offering their services to keep your business clean and safe, it can be hard to choose which would be best for you and your business.

    So here at A&R Cleaning Services, we have created a handy guide that will help navigate your way to finding the right commercial cleaning provider for you.

    Are their staff fully trained and insured?

    In order for a commercial cleaner to offer commercial cleaning services, they need to provide staff that have been fully trained and are covered by proper insurance. It can be easy to fall into trap of picking a provider that looks good on the outside but in actual fact, they aren’t.

    So before choosing a commercial cleaning provider ask how their staff are trained, what they are trained in (COSHH, Health & Safety, Bodily Fluids and Manual Handling) and ask to see their insurance policies and check that they have the right insurances in place to cover you, your staff, your property, and themselves should an incident occur.

    Are they experienced?

    There are many commercial cleaning providers that are at different stages of their experience within the industry. Although going with a newer cleaning provider will provide them with experience it could lead to you having a massive headache trying to rectify problems.

    So, when investing in a commercial cleaning provider it is always good to go with one that has plenty of experience and knowledge cleaning properties and industries like yours.  Like ourselves. We have over 40 years of combined cleaning experiences and know-how to provide high standard professional cleaning services at all industries and property types.

    Do they provide the services you need, and do they tailor them?

    When you look at different businesses, no two are the same and require different services to fulfil their cleaning requirements. However, when looking for a cleaning provider that will suit your business can be overwhelming so it’s important that you have an idea of what services you need when you need them and how often – this will help reduce your search and give you the ability to ask specific questions.

    Depending on the type of business you are and the size of your property, you may require a range of services. For example, if you’re a large corporate office you may need a combination of commercial cleaning, janitorial and washroom services, consumables and decontamination services.

    Along with finding the right services for your business, it’s important to ask whether the provider is flexible with their services. For example, you may only need decontamination services for a couple of months, only require cleaning in the morning or require cleaning staff to clean certain areas.

    Do they provide decontamination services?

    With the Coronavirus quickly spreading from person to person, there is a strong emphasis on ensuring that every avenue to provide protection is covered – including long-lasting protection.

    However, due to the recent pandemic the commercial cleaning industry there has been a large number of cleaning providers offering decontamination services to commercial properties – with some using disinfectants that haven’t been proven to effectively kill and protect against bacteria and viruses like COVID-19.

    So, when investing in decontamination services it’s important to ask for documentation stating that the disinfectant used in their services has been tested and proven to kill bacteria and viruses like COVID-19 and provide long-lasting protection.

    Do they put their customers first and what are their customers saying about them?

    Whilst looking for a professional commercial cleaning provider you should have at the forefront of your mind of how they provide their services for the customers. We all like to be treated like we’re special and that is how a cleaning provider should treat you. So, choosing a commercial cleaning provider that puts their clients first and at the heart of everything they do will help avoid any hassle further down the line.

    Whilst you want to be treated specially by your new cleaning provider, it’s also important to look at whether their other customers are getting the special treatment too. You can speak to their customers directly or look at their online testimonials/ reviews as they provide an impartial voice when it comes to the services they are being provided and their experience with the cleaning provider.

    A&R Cleaning Services has over 40 years’ experience within the cleaning industry providing professional cleaning services to a large number of client across Wales and the West. Our proactive nature and our passion for providing the best professional cleaning services to our clients has made us the number 1 choice.

    For more information about our professional cleaning services get in touch with us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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