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    9 helpful cleaning steps to help your staff return to work safely?

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    The Coronavirus has been a very stubborn thorn in every business owners’ side and after 3 months of being cooped up and working from home, many of you are most probably ready to start climbing the walls. But with the Welsh Government announcement to relax some of the rules surrounding lockdown, many of you will be planning to get staff back into work and resume normal operations.

    However, there are a few steps that you need to take to ensure that your staff feel confident when returning to work and you are able to offer them a clean and safe work environment.

    So, we at A&R Cleaning services have 9 very helpful cleaning steps to help your staff return to work safely.

    Hand Sanitiser

    It is important that staff and anyone visiting your business maintain good hand hygiene. So, place bottled or wall-mounted hand sanitizers in reception areas, office, communal areas (kitchen, dining area, etc). If you have staff that are mobile, provide them with 75ml or 100ml hand sanitisers.

    2m/6ft Distancing and One-Way system

    Although lockdown rules have relaxed, the government have urged businesses to maintain 2m/6ft distance. To ensure that staff maintain social distancing rules place 2m stickers on floors throughout your business and create a one-way system to limit the amount of contact between staff. Also to keep staff social distancing whilst working or having breaks place desks, tables and chairs 2m/6ft apart from each other.

    Create Cleaning Stations

    Many would think that the toilet has the most bacteria on it but in actual fact, it’s our desks. So, to ensure that when staff are working and they don’t pick up any unwanted viral hitchhikers place cleaning stations with antibacterial wipes in your office space. If you have a workshop or production floor, place cleaning stations around so staff can clean their equipment and any machinery before and after use.

    Bin tea towels

    Yes, bin your tea towels. Tea towels are great for cleaning up spills, wiping mugs, plates, and cutlery but they are also great at harbouring viruses and spreading them around surfaces when used.

    So, to eliminate the potential for viruses to spread, bin your tea towels and replace them with paper towels or centre feed rolls (Remember Catch it, Bin it, Kill it).

    Switch off your hand dryers

    Now washing your hands for 20 seconds is important to maintain good hand hygiene. But when you go to dry your wet hands with a hand dryer, they can blow moisture onto the walls and floors below creating a perfect environment for bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus, Norovirus, Legionella, and Influenza to thrive and spread. So, stop viruses from growing on your toilet walls or floors, switch your hand dryers off and use paper towels instead.  

    Flush your watercooler, taps and showerheads

    This may sound a bit strange but remember that your business has been closed for a number of weeks/ months so there will be stagnant water that is sitting in your Watercooler, your taps and shower pipework. This stagnant water within your pipes can create the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses like Legionella to grow and if you or your staff return to work and turn the taps or shower on, they could inhale the Legionella bacteria and making them seriously ill.

    So, to avoid you and your staff becoming seriously ill, flush your watercooler, kitchen and toilet taps and office shower heads of any stagnant water and legionella bacteria.  

    Minimise the number of people in communal areas

    With staff set to return to work, many of them will want to catch up with one another and see how they were doing during lockdown whilst on break. But with so many staff in one area, it can increase the risk the spread of viruses such as Coronavirus between staff. To minimise the Coronavirus being transmitted between staff members, limit the amount of staff by placing signs up stating how many people can be in a room at a time (e.g. If you have a large communal kitchen only 4 people can be in there at one time).

    Increase hot spot cleaning!

    If you have seen us or other cleaning providers on social media or on other platforms, you would have heard us talking about hot spots. These are areas that lots of people touch throughout the day i.e. Light switches, door handles and handrails, telephone handsets, photocopier screens, taps, toilet levers, keyboards, desks, and computer mice to name a few.

    With multiple people touching these staff could transfer and pick up nasty bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus and spread it around the office without realising. So, to keep staff from unintentionally spreading viruses around your business, increase the cleaning of these hot spot areas.

    Have your building sanitised

    Cleaning and sanitising are two different things. Cleaning removes any ingrained dirt, fats debris and unwanted substances from surfaces whereas sanitising involves using anti-bacterial or virucidal cleaning products, leaving them for the correct contact time and then wiping killing 99.9999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses on surfaces.

    So, to sanitise your business and ensure the safety of your staff when returning to work, invest in bio-misting services. Bio-misting involves the spraying of a fine mist of biocidal product within a room or area – disinfecting multiple surfaces at one time and killing 99.9999% of viruses including Coronavirus, Norovirus, Legionella and Influenza. Once the biocidal product has settled and dried onto surfaces (even the hard to reach places) it will remain active for several days, reacting to the presence of any moisture (even microscopic) which contain bacteria and viruses.

    So, we hope that these helpful cleaning steps will help keep your staff feel confident and safe when returning to work.  

    If you would like to know more about our cleaning station kits, Bio-misting services or general cleaning services please get in touch with on 01656 713950 or visit our website!

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