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    A guide to winter pest control

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    Pest Control

    With the weather being colder and wetter, many insects and small mammals will try and seek out warm shelter within businesses.

    Of course, keeping pests out can be prevented and measures can be taken to stop them coming into your business and control them if they do get inside.

    During this time of year, mice and other rodents are usually the ones that will seek out somewhere warm and dry, with a good supply of food and water. To know when you have a small furry friend staying at your business is they leave droppings or have started to nibble at boxes or paper that is stored away. Make sure that you check cupboards regularly as catching them early can avoid an infestation.

    Insects especially ants are very common pests and love kitchens. So, if you are finishing for the day, make sure that there is no left-over food or crumbs lying around on kitchen surfaces.

    If you’ve spotted some unwelcomed guests at your business and DIY tactics haven’t worked then it may be worth seeking professional help. Having professional cleaning services such as A&R Cleaning Services can help solve your pest problems and rid your business of them. To find out more about our pest control services or any of our other services visit our website or call us on 01656 713950

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