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    A&R Cleaning Services launch brand new Bio-misting Services!

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    During this coronavirus crisis, the number of cases within Wales increases daily. With many businesses working remotely, others have taken precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus and have implemented deep cleans – with the help of professional cleaning services – to remove any harmful viruses and bacteria.

    With businesses becoming more concerned about their and their employee’s safety, we have invested in innovative equipment and have released a brand-new Bio-misting Service.

    A&R Cleaning Team in action at an office block in Cardiff

    Our Bio-misting services we are offering causes minimum disruption to you, your business and your staff. The systems allow us to reach all areas of your business premises including high ceilings, tall ledges, walls and hard to reach areas.

    After cleaning an area thoroughly, we use the Mio-mister machine with our products which kill up to 99.99% of harmful pathogens such as Norovirus, Swine Flu, E.Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and many more. Providing businesses with total biosecurity and peace of mind.

    What is Bio-misting and how does it work?

    Bio-misting works by filling a room with a fine mist of disinfectant particles. As these particles settle onto all surfaces (even one that are hard to reach), it is left to dry. Seconds later our product takes effect – killing 99.99& of bacteria, spores and viruses living on surfaces. Once our product has dried, it creates a barrier that becomes reactive in the presence of any moisture (even microscopic).

    Is it effective?

    Bacteria, spores and viruses need moisture to breed and no matter the amount (even microscopic) it is enough to reactivate our product and effectively wipes the bacteria out.

    Amongst carrying several other BS EN testing the STERI-7 Product used carries a BE EN 13697 – (under ‘dirty’ test conditions) and has seen it effectively kill bacteria, spores and viruses when surfaces are retested 30 minutes, 60 minutes and even 72 hours later. This means that even between your regular cleans, our product remains to be an effective barrier.

    Our new Bio-misting services enable us to safely disinfect any room or area, killing harmful pathogenic organisms on surfaces up to 99.99%. Bio-misting is part of STERI-7’s BREAK, TREAT, PREVENT ideal to achieve full Bio-security. 

    STERI-7 Protection Diagram

    If you are taking precautionary measures and would like to book our Bio-misting services then please get in touch with us on 01656 713950 or contact us here

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