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    A&R Contract Cleaning Services Case Study: Hugh James

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    Hugh James

    When taking on new contracts it can be an exciting time. But if the contract is with a client whose office space hasn’t even finished being built, it can be a challenging task and this is one challenge that A&R Contract Cleaning Services faced.

    A&R Contract Cleaning Services were invited to tender for one of Cardiff’s largest solicitor firms Hugh James and as their newest office space, Two Central Square was not yet completed, it posed an initial problem. During the building work, the building was not accessible to visit or view meaning that A&R Contract Cleaning Services had to work off floor plans to get an idea of the internal layout – working out the best strategy to provide high standards of cleaning and valued service.

    A&R Contract Cleaning Services were chosen as Hugh James’ preferred cleaning provider but before the contract was due to start, cleaning contractors that were to clean after the building work was complete pulled out, leaving ARCCS to complete all the cleaning work themselves while Hugh James phased their move two floors at a time. While Hugh James phased their move, it meant that ARCCS couldn’t have a fully dedicated team in and so had to phase the staff in at the same time – pushing the contract start date back and having the commercial manager on site regularly for 6 weeks to induct and train cleaning staff. While staff were being inducted, Hugh James’ pre-existing cleaning staff were TUPE’D over and all had one-to-one training with the commercial manager. Throughout the first months of the new contract, any changes to cleaning plans or improvement in cleaning standards and/or staff were effectively communicated between the staff, client and commercial manager.

    After improving Hugh James’ cleaning plans and staff cleaning standards, their office space Two Central Square has been named ‘Best Corporate Workspace’ by the BCO Awards and has been nominated for the National BCO Awards. We’re very happy to hear that our high standards of cleaning has had a contribution to them being nominated for these awards and a year on Hugh James’ office spaces still look like new.

    Our cleaning standards create and maintain clean and organised workspaces that facilitate productivity and boost staff morale. Everyone produces their best work in a clean and happy environment – and that’s what we’ll deliver. With our in-house training program and specialist cleaning chemicals, we have proven to reduce absenteeism within your workplace.

    A&R Contract Cleaning Services have over 40 years of experience in the Cleaning Industry. We’re a friendly and professional family-run cleaning company offering exceptional cleaning services and facilities management to organisations in South Wales and the South West.

    If you would like to find out more about our services or would like to request a quote call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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