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    A&R Contract Cleaning Services Case Study: Oak Tree Surgery

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    Doctors surgeries have a duty of care to offer a clean environment for their patients so when patients are visiting their immune systems are already low and walking into an unclean surgery isn’t going to make them any better. With infections such as MRSA, E.Coli and the Cold & Flu virus being the top three to make patients even iller, it is imperative that a Doctors surgery is clean.

    So, when one surgery looked at their standards of cleaning, they could see that they weren’t offering their patients a clean environment and were potentially putting their already compromised health at risk of further illness and sought to change their cleaning providers.

    Oak Tree Surgery provides medical services to patients in the Brackla and Bridgend areas, and when A&R Cleaning Services visited them in 2017, we could immediately see what difference we could make to the levels of cleaning whilst walking around the building.

    As Oak Tree Surgery’s cleaning was being provided by another commercial cleaning provider and with the standards received being poor, they were not where they needed to be for a medical environment. In April 2017, A&R Cleaning Services took over the cleaning contract and immediately set to work TUPE’ing staff over that were already there. To ensure effective communication between us, Oak Tree surgery and cleaning staff, Oak Tree Surgery was dedicated a commercial manager which helped resolve any issues and help implement training programmes to bring the current cleaners standards and knowledge in line with current healthcare cleaning standards.

    Whilst the commercial manager provided 1-2-1 training to TUPE’d staff, we introduced them to our colour coded cloths and equipment system which instantly helped with the standards of cleaning and reduced cross-contamination of surfaces. Alongside training staff to use our colour code system, we fully trained staff to use out specialist industry products that are proven to disinfect and kill 99.99% of viruses and infections such as MRSA, E.coli and the Cold & Flu virus.

    But even with effective training, high standards of cleaning need to be regularly maintained so to ensure that staff were regularly maintaining those high standards throughout the building, our commercial managers carried out monthly audits which were sent directly to the surgery.

    Now nearly 3 years on, Oak Tree Surgery is still more than happy with our service, cleaning standards and staff and have even recommended us to a number of surgeries within the Bridgend County area. We have ensured that Oak Tree Surgery offer a clean and welcoming environment for the patients through the use of our colour-coded cloths and equipment alongside our use of special cleaning products that can disinfect and kill viruses and infections.

    Not only have our products and equipment have made a difference to the cleaning standards that Oak Tree surgery is now receiving. Our 1-2-1 training ensures that all of our cleaners can provide high levels of cleaning time and time again and any drops in standards that are highlighted during monthly audits are immediately picked up and resolved through refresher training via our commercial managers.

    We are extremely proud of the improvements we have made to staff and patients visiting the surgery and we look forward to working with Oak Tree Surgery for many years to come.

    If you would like to find out more about our healthcare and Commercial Cleaning Services, visit our website or to arrange a free quotation call us on 01656 713950

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