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    A&R Contract Cleaning Services – Education Case Study

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    Schools are a haven for the spread of sickness bugs and viruses between pupils and staff, leading to high sickness absences. There can be several reasons including inadequate cleaning of washrooms, classrooms and communal areas such as dining rooms. A&R Contract Cleaning Services visited one school that had a number of issues with their cleaning and were struggling to bring their sickness absence rate down.

    Before A&R Contract Cleaning Services were invited to tender, the schools cleaning was provided by the local authority. The main reasons why the school was looking to outsource their cleaning was due to lack of communication between the school and the local authority (delayed or no response from the local authority) and issues with cleaning and staff which lead to them not getting the service they needed and saw a rise in sickness absences.

    Once A&R Contract Cleaning Services were chosen as the preferred cleaning provider, both the directors and commercial manager met with the cleaning staff and completed 3 consultation meetings with the staff to ensure that they fully understood the process and answered any questions they may have.

    The TUPE process was handled professionally by our experienced director who has transferred nearly 100 staff from the local authority, with very little involvement needed from the school. A&R contract Cleaning services also offered advice when dealing with the local authority’s HR department and unions.

    Within the few weeks of the contract, we identified key issues within the team. We did this by meeting with the existing staff finding out their issues and working with them and the school to resolve as many as we could, one of the main issues was a high level of sickness within the team. We handled this by following local authority policies and followed through, dealing with each and every incident. We had to dismiss one member of staff and have now seen sickness level drastically reduce and continuity within the school.

    During times of sickness we would send a replacement to ensure that school is regularly cleaned. Any hours lost through absence is logged and given back to the school and to ensure they do not lose out. In the case of the school we cleaned, we provided deep cleans to a number of their classrooms which is not currently in their cleaning schedule.

    After implementing new cleaning systems and plans, the school have seen significant improvement to the quality of cleaning and the service they are receiving. Even though the number of cleaning hours were reduced, the cleaning standards dramatically improved and this has all been achieved through effective communication between our strong team of staff, our client and our commercial manager. Through choosing us as their preferred cleaning provider, we have saved the school £10,000 compared to the local authority and they are now in the stages of renewing their contract with us.

    Our strict cleaning process align perfectly with the disciplines of infection control. In everything we do we put health and safety first. We use colour coding systems with our products to combat cross contamination. We also pride ourselves on using the most effective products in the industry that are proven to disinfect and therefore destroy bugs and viruses such as MRSA, E-Coli, Flu and Norovirus.

    We are extremely proud of the improvements we have made to the staff, pupils and visitors to the school and looking forward to working with our client for many years to come.  

    If you would like to find out more about our education cleaning services, visit our website or call us for a free quote on 01656 713950

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