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    Are your cleaners insured – if not the importance of using professional insured cleaners can save you money.

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    Are your cleaners insured?

    With our lives becoming busier and busier, it can be difficult to find time to clean and even if we find time, you soon realise that you need more than just a regular vacuum cleaner and a few cleaning products to do a good job. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company in to clean your business can be the solution to your cleaning problems, saving you stress and time to focus on the important things.

    Some businesses that look to hire a professional commercial cleaning company are quite happy to pay extra for a cleaning company that are known for providing excellent standards of cleaning but are also professional when it comes to dealing with any claims. However, some businesses like to keep a tight hold on the purse strings and prefer to hire a professional commercial cleaning company that can provide the same service but at a fraction of the cost. But do they have insurance?

    Professional commercial cleaners are stringent when it comes to insurance and make sure that their staff, clients and themselves are adequately covered for any liability. But often, businesses overlook checking if the cleaning company that they are hiring have insurance and if any damages or accidents were to happen, what could be a cheap solution could turn into an expensive mess.

    We at A&R Cleaning Services have seen clients get caught out when previously dealing with commercial cleaning companies that have no insurance.  When meeting clients for the first time, we make sure that they are aware and have peace of mind that ourselves and staff are fully covered by liability insurance if anything such as damages to equipment/property or accidents were to happen.

    Here are a few tips when looking for an insured professional cleaning company.

    • When looking for a professional cleaning company, ask them to provide evidence of insurance and verify that it is valid with their insurance provider.
    • Checking if the cleaning company’s staff are fully trained and fully vetted (DBS checked) gives you piece of mind that you can trust the staff to provide you with an excellent service and can get the job done properly.
    • Ask if they have liability insurance. Liability insurance covers both client and contractor from pay-outs due to accidental damages, injury or ill health.

    At A&R we pride ourselves on being professional, approachable and responsive. Please feel free to get in touch if you need a trusted commercial cleaning service.

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