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    Are your commercial cleaners cutting corners?

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    Cleaners cutting corners?

    We all try to avoid missing meetings, misplacing documents, being late for work or other mistakes as all these can potentially have an effect on the business. Although cutting corners is seen as a quick way to reach a goal, it can often lead to mistakes that can cause repercussions – so when it comes to the cleaning, your cleaners may be cutting some corners and putting your business at risk.

    To see how your cleaners are cutting corners we have highlighted some reasons why clever cleaning should never be undervalued.


    When your cleaners are cleaning it is important that they are doing so in a safe way. If floors that are still wet from cleaning and are not highlighted with the correct signage it could lead to accidents or injury – making your business liable for court fee and compensation.

    So, if your cleaners are cleaning floors with the appropriate signage out.


    Having an irregular and inadequate cleaning regime could be damaging for you and your employee’s health. Dust can quickly collect on surfaces and become airborne which lead to your employees inhaling the dust, leading to respiratory illnesses. However, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the build-up of dust on surfaces by changing brooms with vacuums, wiping surfaces and a regular cleaning regime.


    Having cleaners use incorrect equipment and cleaning methods can cause bacteria to build up which can increase the risk of cross-contamination. Similarly, using the wrong chemical is not only a health and safety hazard but it could lead to surfaces becoming damaged. Having cleaning staff that are not correctly trained on how to use and manoeuvre cleaning equipment could result in illness or injury.

    When cleaners are cleaning, they should have the correct equipment to carry out their tasks and know the correct cleaning methods such as colour coding. Also, they should be fully trained in COSSH, Manual Handling and Health & Safety.


    The workplace is where we spend most of our time for five days of the week, so it’s important that your employees work in a pleasant environment that is clean and tidy. A messy office could lead to reduced productivity due to employees not being able to concentrate on their work. If you have employees that are neater than their counterparts, then they could waste time cleaning after them. If you are unsure of how your staff are finding the standards of cleaning and the performance of the cleaners, then ask for feedback.


    Many businesses will look to reduces costs wherever they can and sometimes the cleaning goes under the so-called ‘knife’ and leads to contracts being cut down or completely changed. However, trying to save money by cutting the cleaning down or switching contracts doesn’t always pay off and if you have gone with a company that is not thorough in their practises it could cost you more money in the long term. In addition, if the cleaning gets left and the workplace is unpleasant, then a more expensive deep clean may be needed. Therefore, it pays to keep on top of the cleaning duties.

    If you are planning to look at changing cleaning providers, closely analyse your current contract. Are you being provided with the full services that you are paying for? Are you happy with the quality of work?

    If your cleaning provider has become complacent in their practices, they could be putting you, your employees and your business at risk, bypassing H&S regulations and therefore potentially incurring more costs in the long run.  

    We at A&R Cleaning Services are passionate about what we do and take pride in providing clients with high standards of cleaning. The one thing that we do not is cut corners … WE CLEAN THEM!

    If you would like to find out more about our commercial cleaning services visit our website or if you would like to arrange a meeting with ourselves then give us a call on 01656 713950

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