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    A&R’s Easy to Use Re-opening Guide

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    COVID Cleaning

    After the English government’s recent announcement around delaying the easing of lockdown by another four weeks, we wanted to share our easy to use re-opening guide for all businesses!

    Together we can help businesses keep their doors open and provide a COVID secure environment and keep your workforce safe.

    We know how businesses have had to adapt to during this difficult time, none more so than the cleaning industry.

    Here are two reasons as to why maintaining a high standard of cleaning is more important than ever:

    Staff Wellbeing

    Employees who feel their health and wellbeing are being taken care of are far more likely to go above and beyond in the work they do.

    Data from a recent survey conducted by YouGov for the CIPD Employees are continuing to feel anxious about returning to the workplace, though the proportion of workers feeling this way has declined since the start of the pandemic back in February 2020

    Of the workers surveyed only 55% said they’d been given adequate information about returning to work, with just 44% saying they’d been adequately consulted about returning.

    Employers need to prioritise health and safety, as 21% who are currently going into their normal workplace are not satisfied with the health and safety measures put in place by their employer, and 32% of those currently going into their normal workplace were anxious about catching or spreading COVID-19 at work.

    Operational Efficiency

    It is without question that once employees return to a place of work the risk in them catching a virus is much more likely to increase.

    BUT it’s about how you educate your staff in helping them manage these risks.

    • By creating a COVID secure environment it will drastically reduce the amount of absenteeism at a time when getting being sick might come with a minimum ten-day period of leave.
    • By reducing the risk involved with returning to work as much as possible, it will help employees
    • By instilling good practices and procedures for your employers, and placing responsibility on keeping each other safe will lead to a much more harmonious workforce.

    We hope you find our seven step re-opening guide useful and informative.

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