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    Don’t forget to clean your mops!

    Before the pandemic, taking proper care of mops was pretty overlooked. When finished mopping the floor, you would rinse your mop and allow to dry. However, due to the pandemic this practice isn’t the best. Although professional cleaning solutions can prove effective at removing soils and even killing bacteria’s, water used for mop rinsing can … Continued

    Is visible cleaning key to customer confidence?

    Since the start of the lockdown period in March 2020, the government has urged us to stay safe, only travelling from home when needed, wear a mask within indoor public spaces, sanitise our hands on a regular basis and to maintain social distancing. Although these measures were put into place to keep and make people … Continued

    5 Tips on finding the right commercial cleaning provider for you

    2020 certainly has been the year for cleaners and commercial cleaning providers. Previously seen as invisible, cleaning buildings either at the crack of dawn or after everyone has gone home for the day, cleaners and commercial cleaning providers have been seen as unsung heroes during the pandemic– providing vital cleaning services to keep workplaces and … Continued

    Two polls reveal a need for education about hand drying

    Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) expressed the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene to prevent COVID-19 being spread via our hands. But with everyone singing happy birthday twice and washing their hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap every time we use the toilet or before … Continued

    Cleaning & Disinfection 101 – are all the basics covered?

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19. It has heightened our need to have robust cleaning and disinfection processes in place across all sectors. Whether you’re doing the cleaning yourself or have a team of cleaners doing the cleaning for you, the pressure is on to ensure that surfaces and even buildings are being disinfected both effectively … Continued

    Do your employees feel confident going back to work?

    With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases still increasing in areas of Wales, there is growing concerns amongst employees about whether or not their workplace is secure against COVID-19. In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberley-Clark Professional, they showed that COVID-19 has affected perceptions of cleanliness and hygiene within the … Continued

    Why having Daily cleaning is more important than ever.

    Even though many of employees are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic many businesses and even the government are encouraging staff to return to their desks. So, to give returning staff peace of mind their work environment needs to be as safe and clean as possible. The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed how … Continued

    Lessons Learned After Legionella Review

    Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, many lessons have been learned on how we can effectively prevent the coronavirus from spreading. In June 2020 the welsh government saw that it was safe enough for pupils to return to schools for the 6 weeks holidays and announced schools would be re-opening (after the number of … Continued

    A&R cleaning Team quick into Action!

    Nobody likes to hear the news of a business having to close their doors due to someone becoming seriously ill with an infectious virus, especially during a pandemic. However, this was the case for one bar in Bridgend town centre. The Roof Night Club located on Market street often sees itself packed to the rafters … Continued

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