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    BBC Watchdog – Hotel Cleaning

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    Recently BBC watchdog did a small segment about the cleanliness of the hotel chain Britannia.

    First founded in 1976, Britannia offers the best value for quality accommodation. However, when BBC Watchdog reached out to customers who stayed at a Britannia Hotel, there had been 10 times more complaints than any of the other or larger hotel chains.

    David who stayed at the Sachas, Manchester said ‘ The hotel wasn’t at the standards that we expected. It was quite tatty, dirty and there was black smoke emitting from the air vents. God knows what could have happened at the hotel. Health & Safety doesn’t seem to be up to standard’

    Another guest who stayed at a Britannia Hotel said ‘ The bathroom was filthy, there was dust gathered everywhere. Carpets were worn, dirty and threadbare and the staff were just not interested’

    Delia Canning who is a cleaning consultant who helps big businesses including hotel chains to stay spotlessly clean. So, who better than to check out Britannia?

    Reporter Nikki Fox from BBC Watchdog met with Delia at a mid-market hotel and used its hotel rooms as a benchmark for when they swabbed all the other hotels.

    The room that was being used as a benchmark was tested with an ATP monitor. Although it did not test what bacteria are on surfaces, it can test for the presence of organic residue that could be dust, mould, blood or saliva and can tell if an object has been properly cleaned and will highlight areas where germs are about to grow.

    A reading below 50 means that an object is clean. A reading of between 50 -100 suggests that an object needs to be cleaned and anything over 100+ would be considered dirty.

    After testing some of the objects in the benchmark hotel room (with objects reading below 50) it was time for Delia to visit some of the Britannia Hotels that had the most complaints. Each of the hotels had a visual inspection and any areas that were concerning were swabbed.

    The first hotel that Delia visited was the Royal Court Hotel and Spa in Coventry claiming to be a beautiful grade 2 listed country house hotel. When entering one of the rooms – tea/coffee stains were immediately spotted on the door frame. There were also isolated spots of blood in the bathroom and scum on the tiles. When the tiles were swabbed the ATP monitor read 7,316 which was totally unacceptable.

    The toilet in the same ensuite bathroom was swabbed and the reading for that was 1,161! and on the towel radiator, it had scum, limescale and copper stains.

    The next hotel that was tested was Britannia’s Adelphi in Liverpool. Again, Delia swabbed the bathroom tiles and the reading exceeded 8,000! With the toilet smelling badly of urine. The bed topper was in an equally terrible state with it being badly stained.

    At Blackpool Metropole, behind one of the bedside tables, there was dust, stains and even food on the floor, skirting boards and wall. And in Sachas there was faecal matter around the toilet.

    Metropole, Blackpool

    The problems that were highlighted at these hotels could easily be resolved, if the staff cleaning these rooms are given the correct equipment, have enough time, training and education so they understand what they are doing. Investing in your people, making sure they’ve got what they need to do a good job will result in success for everybody and happy customers.

    Although we have worked with hotels who have had trouble with the cleaning standards, here at A&R Cleaning Services we have never seen anything on this scale before. We at A&R Cleaning Services make sure that all of our staff are fully trained in and are given the correct equipment and products to achieve excellent cleaning results that our clients see every day.

    To see the episode click here or to find out why hotels choose us as their preferred cleaning service then take a look at our website

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