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    Beat The Office Germs This January By Following Our Simple Tips

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    Have you noticed how easy it is to pick up germs in your office? Whether they’re brought in from home or public transport, work is a great place for sharing bacteria and viruses.

    Germs spread quickly from one person to the next, from stomach-churning food poisoning bacteria such as SalmonellaE. coli, to viruses like , colds and flu

    Micro-organisms like these don’t normally multiply on your desk or chair without help. They don’t move around unless we do. So, we’re all responsible for transferring germs from one person to the next.

    You could pick up bacteria and viruses from touching any area within your office that has been contaminated by an infected co worker.

    To fight back, beat the germs and take control of your health in the workplace, you need to tackle the most touched areas in the office – these 6 office germ hotspots are key areas to keep clean:

    1. Door handles
    2. Desk
    3. Keyboard and mouse
    4. Fridges
    5. Photocopier
    6. Phones

    Below are our top tips to help avoid the germ:

    • If you are using a hot-desk and sharing a phone, mouse and keyboard that others have used, have a pack of antibac wipes handy to wipe away the bacteria, cold and flu viruses. Spending a few seconds to clean your work space could mean fewer days off work.
    • Try to avoid eating at your desk especially if you hot desk
    • Use anti-microbial hand gel if you can’t be sure your hands are clean when using the phone.
    • Pen-chewers – Have you ever looked in your pen pot and though where has this pen come from? And before you know it the pen has become your favorite pen to chew. Try to break the habit. If you don’t know where a pen has been, you could be ingesting bacteria or viruses left by someone else. It could have been in someone else’s mouth, gathering dust under the desk or dropped on the loo floor.
    • Give borrowed pens a clean with an anti-bacterial wipe.
    • Always wash your hands after using the toilet and try not to touch the door handle.
    • Several germs are passed on from the fridge, people may of brought food in to work from home, been to the loo and not washed their hands before going in to the fridge. Make sure there is a cleaning schedule from your office fridge and try to introduce a system where all left-over food is disposed of by the end of the day on a Friday. This will mean no food is left to grow fungi or mould over the weekend reducing the risk of infection.

    One survey completed by office supplies company Viking found the bacteria Staphylococcus (skin infection) on 60% of desks.

    Just think how much germs can affect your health and your pay packet. Do all you can each day to avoid being struck down by many common and easily spread germs.

    Follow our simple steps to maintain your health and to prevent passing germs on to others




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