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    Benefits of having a commercial cleaning company to keep your school sparkling clean

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    Keeping school staff and pupils healthy is vital

    Schools have a list of priority’s that they must complete – one of them teaching their pupils and giving them a good education. But one priority that some don’t realise is equally important is providing a clean learning environment.

    Providing a clean learning environment is not only healthier, but it can help minimise distractions for pupils. With staff, pupils and visitors regularly coming in and out of schools, schools can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. But with regular cleaning, the risk of the spread of infections and viruses can easily be avoided.

    If you are considering changing to professional cleaning services like A&R Cleaning Services that are based in Cardiff, then take a look at some of the benefits below.


    We at A&R Cleaning Services have built our business on cleaning schools and so we know what to expect when we first visit a school. We know how much time and products are to be allocated to specific areas within the school and allocate staff who are fully trained to provide excellent results.

    Our experience means that if there is a specific problem area, we know how to target it, or even highlight some issues that have never been considered before. Many cleaners will clean obvious places such as tables, keyboards, door handles, etc. That is why we ensure that was clean a classroom top to bottom, from the door frames and light switches right down to the chair legs and behind cupboards – as these can be easily missed.

    It is important that you devote time to cleaning but it is equally important to devote time to your pupil’s education so leaving your cleaning to A&R cleaning Services allows you to focus on developing the curriculum and schedule activities.

    Good value

    Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be seen as a large initial outlay. But over time, it is likely that you will see good value in them. It’s not cost-effective to spend money each month or term on large orders of cleaning products and consumables only to be ending up wasting some, re-ordering or not picking the correct product. We at A&R Cleaning Services go through our products and tell you which products are used where to maximise its effectiveness at removing dirt and disinfecting. We can also talk to you about what services would suit you and what packages we can provide – removing the headache of having to clean large areas.

    We at A&R Cleaning Services have over 40 years’ experience cleaning schools in Cardiff and can help save you time, money and energy which can be re-invested into your school. To find out more about our school cleaning services, visit our website or call us on 01656 713950

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