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    Case Study: Oldcastle Primary School

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    When looking for a cleaning provider for your school what do you look for most?

    • Good communication?
    • Professional and Reliable staff?
    • High-quality standards of cleaning?
    • Flexibility?

    With so many cleaning providers promising these things, it can be a bit like navigating a minefield.

    One school in particular who was looking for all of the above was Oldcastle Primary School, but in reality, really wasn’t getting the service they were paying for by their then cleaning provider.

    Oldcastle Primary School is a large school in Bridgend that provides education for over 400 pupils whilst also having the capacity to hold large parties, classes and evening meetings in it’s two large halls and its many classrooms – all of which require frequent cleaning. 

    Oldcastle primary schools’ cleaning was being handled by a private cleaning provider where 4 cleaners were scheduled to clean the school daily. However, this wasn’t the case. On several occasions, the school was left with a team of 3 cleaning staff to clean the whole school. The shortfall in staff and missed cleaning hours, meant not only was the school not receiving what it was paying for, but it also put a great amount of stress and pressure on the 3 cleaners who were left to pick up the whole cleaning. This would often result in substandard cleaning throughout the school.

    Top image – Skirting boards built up with dirt and grime
    Left and right – Air vents thick with dust

    Alongside the cleaning provider regularly falling short-staffed, the standards of cleaning wasn’t where they needed to be for a school environment. The cleaning provider themselves weren’t visible on-site and weren’t on-site to conduct regular audits. Without the cleaning manager attending site regularly, the school found it increasingly difficult to communicate with them in regard to issues that they were experiencing.

    September 2017, A&R Cleaning Services took over the cleaning contract – TUPE’ing some staff over that were already there and recruited additional staff to join the cleaning team. The school was allocated a dedicated commercial manager that bridged the gap between staff, client and contractor and effectively communicated between them – resolving any issues and implementing training programmes to bring cleaning standards and staffs cleaning knowledge in line to current accredited standards.

    Now 2 years on A&R Cleaning Services continue to provide high-quality standards of cleaning to Oldcastle Primary school. We have ensured that we are visible onsite by providing 1-2-1 training to members of staff and regular refresher training via our commercial managers. Alongside providing our regular training – we provide minimum monthly electronic audits which are sent directly to the school and monthly walkarounds are carried out where staff are achieving 95% and above in cleanliness.

    But it’s not just the visibility that has increased, both the deputy head and headteacher have direct communication with our commercial managers and direct communication to our directors. Oldcastle Primary School has seen vast improvements in staff reliability, contractor visibility, communication and cleaning standards – which has been down to our professional industry products, innovative equipment and fully trained staff – and any staff that are off due to holidays or sickness is effectively covered by our team of mobile cleaners. Also, as we are fully flexible with our cleaning hours – we ensure that Oldcastle’s cleaning can work around extracurricular activities after school and provide deep cleans during half term.

    We are extremely proud of the improvements we have made to the staff, pupils and visitors to the school and looking forward to working with our client for many years to come.  

    If you would like to find out more about our education cleaning services, visit our website or call us for a free quote on 01656 713950

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