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Signs that your cleaner is doing a good job

We all like to come into work and be welcomed to a clean and tidy business.  Having a good cleaner who leaves your business looking sparkling clean and fresh is not only good for your employees, your customers and your own health, it can also increase workplace morale and productivity and reduce sickness absence within … Continued

How long can germs live on surfaces?

We all know what it’s like to have a nasty cold and a bedridden induced flu and with germs getting plenty of press, it’s essential to know how you can combat them in your business. While germs may be too small to be seen with the naked eye they can live on a variety of … Continued

Keeping your office phones and keyboards sparkling clean

When searching the web for cleaning facts, many of them will be about offices and office equipment and how they can harbour more germs and bacteria compared to other places within the workplace. Many offices in and around Cardiff will have cleaners in to make sure that their offices are ship-shape for the working day … Continued

Floors: Why should you regularly clean them?

Floors. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles from carpeted flooring to polished concrete and are seen throughout businesses in Cardiff and South Wales. We walk on them, sit on them and even potentially lay on them. But over time they can trap dirt, become stained and start to look tired – which isn’t … Continued

Why spending time on cleaning can give lasting impressions

When you have visitors to your business, you want to give a lasting and positive impression. One way of doing that is by having a clean welcoming business. But when your front door is covered in marks, the flooring is looking tired and a bit grubby and there’s a questionable layer of dust on the … Continued

Why your school cleaning should be left to the professionals?

Schools around Cardiff and the Vale will know how quickly illness or infection can spread between pupils and staff. Within days, a large portion of pupils could be ill and are unable to attend – having a knock-on effect on attendance levels. Within a school, illnesses and infection can rampage and with so many people … Continued

A&R Contract Cleaning Services Case Study: Oak Tree Surgery

Doctors surgeries have a duty of care to offer a clean environment for their patients so when patients are visiting their immune systems are already low and walking into an unclean surgery isn’t going to make them any better. With infections such as MRSA, E.Coli and the Cold & Flu virus being the top three … Continued

Effective ways to clean your nursery

There a small number of places where cleanliness matters as much as it does in a nursery. Any parent to small children will know that children are prone to sickness, as they are a bit young to understand personal hygiene – leading to germs and bacteria to rapidly spread throughout your nursery. To combat the … Continued

How to keep your dog-friendly office clean?

With many offices in Cardiff welcoming a more relaxed approach to pets, many are becoming dog-friendly and welcome our four-legged companions as part of the team. But with our offices becoming pro-dog many office furnishings aren’t. From wet paws to moulting, dogs can add an extra level of mess to a professional space and will … Continued

Which Cleaning Schedule Suits Your Business?

When your business is looking a bit untidy and you are a looking for a professional cleaning service in Cardiff, it important to consider a system that best suits your business and can make a big, positive difference. So, when it comes to the cleaning, should you have it daily? Maybe a weekly clean can … Continued

A&R Cleaning Services War on Plastic!

Did you know that across the world, 260 million tons of plastic is produced each year and around 10% ends up in our world’s oceans causing devastating damage to our oceans eco-systems and wildlife? With so many of our ocean creatures being affected by plastic, many people and businesses from around the world have implemented … Continued

Are your commercial cleaners cutting corners?

We all try to avoid missing meetings, misplacing documents, being late for work or other mistakes as all these can potentially have an effect on the business. Although cutting corners is seen as a quick way to reach a goal, it can often lead to mistakes that can cause repercussions – so when it comes … Continued

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