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Why should you invest in Bio-misting Services?

Slowing the spread of the coronavirus is on the top of everyone’s priority list with businesses in South Wales. As a nation, businesses are stepping up their cleaning schedule, their cleaning frequency and investing in Bio-misting where this superior infection control service offers longer protection. Regular cleaning and deep cleaning sometimes isn’t enough to keep … Continued

Keeping your store clean and COVID-19 free!

With the outbreak of the coronavirus and the introduction of social distancing, many of our stores have taken measures to ensure our safety and prevent further spread of this awful virus. However, with social distancing measures in place, there is still the potential risk of the virus coming into your store, putting yourself, your staff … Continued

Thank you to our team & clients

The current crisis involving COVID-19 has seen our country go into lockdown and many going into self-isolation to keep themselves and their families safe. However, even with many self-isolating, our teams of cleaners are out on the frontlines ensuring that our clients and key businesses are able to work in a safe and clean environment … Continued

A&R Cleaning Services launch brand new Bio-misting Services!

During this coronavirus crisis, the number of cases within Wales increases daily. With many businesses working remotely, others have taken precautionary measures against the spread of the Coronavirus and have implemented deep cleans – with the help of professional cleaning services – to remove any harmful viruses and bacteria. With businesses becoming more concerned about … Continued

Coronavirus – How to keep your business healthy

With the current rate of the coronavirus spreading across the globe, many businesses and people are taking action to prevent further spread of the virus – with many self-isolating and working remotely from home. However, there are some businesses that are still in operation. But with the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus predicted to … Continued

Fact or Myth to preventing COVID-19

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is now shown all across our news and on social media, showing how much of an impact the virus is having on the world – with many countries going into lockdown to prevent further spread. The W.H.O (World Health Organisation) have implemented prevention guidelines to help control the spread of COVID-19 in many … Continued

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) – How to prevent it

With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus being seen across our news headlines, there is fear that a number of cases within Wales and the UK will spread and increase. To help prevent further spread of the virus the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) and National Health Service (NHS) have issued guidance on how to prevent … Continued

How often should you retrain your cleaners?

Cleaning seems like a basic service, but it is an important part to keeping a business looking professional and to run smoothly – especially when the cleaning is done correctly. But whether you have an inhouse cleaning team or have your cleaners outsourced from a professional cleaning services company, it’s important that the cleaners are … Continued

Do your cleaners know their blue cloths from their red?

When it comes to cleaning, there are correct ways and there are incorrect ways. Many will simply clean with a one-does-all product and a cloth to clean all areas within their business – whereas professional cleaning providers will have different products and cloths for different areas of a business. If you have an inhouse cleaning … Continued

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