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How a clean workplace can boost employee productivity and morale

One issue that plagues every business in South Wales is low productivity Which can have an effect on cash flow and ability to grow. When running a business, productivity and performance are key, but with the days getting shorter and the winter weather setting in, it can be difficult to maintain a productive and well … Continued

Should your employees be eating by their desk?

Cardiff is one of the best places to find some fantastic places to eat, especially for lunch. But with offices using more technology to get work done faster, many office employees feel that they are chained to the desk to get their workload under control – which can often see them eating at their desk … Continued

The benefits of having a professional cleaning service in your surgery

Whilst offering a clean working environment is important in the workplace, it is required for a medical practice. Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like A&R Cleaning Services can ensure high standards of cleaning that is required for surgery are met – for both the benefit of staff and patients. So, what are the benefits … Continued

Deep cleans: What are they and why should you have them?

As they say, “cleanliness is next to godliness” and so it’s important to offer a clean working environment for your employees (especially if you want them to put 100% into their work). Regular cleaning can help remove surface dirt, kill nasty germs and bacteria living on surfaces and generally maintain equipment, appliances and a clean … Continued

Case Study: Oldcastle Primary School

When looking for a cleaning provider for your school what do you look for most? Good communication? Professional and Reliable staff? High-quality standards of cleaning? Flexibility? With so many cleaning providers promising these things, it can be a bit like navigating a minefield. One school in particular who was looking for all of the above … Continued

Case Study: Bryngarw House

Online reviews have become an increasingly popular way to find out which hotel is the best value for money and the best place to stay. A study by trip advisor found that 85% of people looking to stay at a hotel rate hygiene number one on their list of finding the right place to spend … Continued

What is a builder’s clean and why should you have it?

Whether you have had a brand new building built or have had a recent refurbishment, the one thing every business owner wants to do is get on with is to get the business back and running again. But as everyone knows, builders are notorious for creating (and leaving) mess and it can be difficult to … Continued

Cold & flu: How to slow the spread in Colleges & University’s

Cold and flu season is one of the biggest contributors to student absence in colleges and university’s, with many students becoming ill with either the cold or flu virus. Although students are young adults, they don’t have the best track record for being clean and can easily spread viruses such as the Cold & Flu … Continued

Do I need to clean my office? – Yes and here’s why.

Throughout the day you and your employees spend the majority of the day running a smooth business. So, there is no reason to say that having a spotless and tidy work environment can help boost morale, productivity and develop your business. However, having an unclean and untidy work environment can distract employees from their work … Continued

Why should large companies use A&R Cleaning Services?

With offices become a regular sight in our city’s skyline – it is essential that they a regularly cleaned to create a positive impression on clients and potential customers and allowing staff to focus on their work rather than focusing on the cleaning job they have to do. Having staff clean your office is not … Continued

Janitorial vs Commercial Cleaning: What’s the difference?

Any business owner who has a business in South Wales, whether that is a retail space, an office, a warehouse or a healthcare facility will know the importance of keeping a clean and organised workplace. Not only is having a clean working environment important for employees – having a clean workplace can give a positive … Continued

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