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    A&R Cleaning Services Local Business Champion

    With the recent pandemic causing so much disruption to communities across South Wales, it has caused many within those communities to feel anxious and uncertain of what the future would hold. That’s when a small group of people created a Facebook group called ‘Bridgend Coronavirus Support Group’ Where they could support one another throughout the … Continued

    Coronavirus: why is now the best time to have your factory deep cleaned?

    The Coronavirus has been a thorn in every factories side. With factories seeing reduced production levels, reduced levels of staff working within, staff working from home, self-isolating or struck with illness. However, with this quiet period, now is the perfect opportunity to get a much needed deep clean crossed off your cleaning to-do list. Even … Continued

    New COVID Symptoms: Are schools and pupils at risk?

    Recently, it was said that children going back to school were at a significantly lower risk of both catching and transmitting the Coronavirus between themselves and staff. However, in recent news, a new UK-wide study shone new light on the common symptoms and the prevalence of Coronavirus in Children. More than 1,000 children took part … Continued

    Coronavirus: Which face mask works best?

    When we think about people wearing face masks, we think of surgeons wearing them. However, since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, The World Health Organisation (WHO) and many health organisations have been encouraging both the Welsh and UK public to wear face masks – with recent news announcing school pupils in Wales, England and … Continued

    Schools out for summer! But not COVID-19

    We all heard about schools becoming hubs and welcoming key year groups back in June to continue their key stages of education and minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading and infecting. As the situation surrounding the pandemic has improved (in-terms of the decreased number of cases) The Welsh Government, local authorities and schools will be … Continued

    Gyms: Is your gym ready to re-open after lockdown?

    How many of you are looking forward for gyms to re-open in Wales? With lockdown closing gyms within Wales, many gym goers are looking forward to going back to the gym instead of working out at home. And it’s not just gym goers that are looking forward to gyms re-opening, gym owners are too. But … Continued

    Are COVID-19 cleaning practises keeping Flu at bay?

    We all know what it’s like when Cold & Flu season comes around and no more so than business owners – with them seeing staff coming into work ill or even taking a couple of days off. But to ensure that we are ready to deal with large numbers of cold, flu and other respiratory … Continued

    Industrial cleaning – how to keep it COVID-19 free

    With lockdown slowly easing within Wales and the UK, many industrial manufacturers will see it as a welcomed relief to them seeing their workforce return and get back to normal operations. However, with there still a high risk for those working catching COVID-19 there are some important steps that industrial units – and one of … Continued

    Is your air ventilation spreading COVID-19?

    With companies returning to work, just maintaining social distancing will not be so effective with coronavirus. The air your employees and co-worker’s breath-in could be surrounded by COVID-19 particles. Therefore, other precautions need to be taken, such as appropriate air ventilation and extractor fans and ensuring that they are kept clean and well maintained.  Why … Continued

    Coronavirus: Which is the safest way to disinfect?

    Whilst many of the world’s labs work on ways of identifying a vaccine to protect the public from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the simplest way to prevent further spread of the virus is through good hygiene and disinfection practices. Although the Coronavirus is a fast-spreading and infecting virus which has seen much of the world grind … Continued

    Happy 10th Anniversary A&R Cleaning Services!

    Wow where has the time gone, one minute Ashley and Rayner started out with a small business and in a blink of an eye, they both have a multi-award winning and multi-million-pound business with over 200 staff and clients. And like any business, A&R Cleaning services first started off with an idea and a dream. … Continued

    Should you be worried about your toilet spreading COVID-19?

    If you search up facts about toilet hygiene, you will see numbers of articles and facts talking about them not being the most hygienic of places. So, with the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, are toilets a contributing factor to the spread of this infectious virus? Commercial properties across South Wales, the UK and across … Continued

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