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    Cloth comparison: Microfibre vs Standard J Disposable cloths

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    Microfibre vs Standard J cloths - Which are better?

    When cleaning up spills or just generally cleaning dust and dirt off surfaces, you would normally reach for a cloth and some cleaning products to wipe it away. Most people use Standard disposable J cloths and others use Microfibre cloths. But which ones are better?

    Standard Disposable J cloths are usually used in both households and commercial properties as they are cheap, versatile but also readily available. Made from cotton, standard disposable j cloths are made up from a unique weave pattern that enables the cloths to absorb any spills and trap any dirt from surfaces. Due to their versatility, standard disposable j cloths can be used to clean a multitude of things including kitchen and bathroom surfaces, dusting and polishing.

    But as Standard disposable J cloths are used quite regularly – without being properly cleaned they have the potential to be breeding ground for germs and bacteria, risking the spread of them and cross contaminating surfaces. As the name suggests standard disposable j cloths are made to be regularly disposed of when they come to the end of their usefulness and this can be costly if cleaning staff regularly use and dispose of them.  

    An alternative to standard disposable j cloths are Microfibre cloths. Microfibre is a tougher and more versatile cloth that is usually made up from either polyester, nylon or a mix of both and have small fibres that can absorb spills and trap dirt through static. Due to their small fibres, Microfibre cloths can be used to clean with little or no cleaning detergent. As microfibre cloths are naturally static it means that the fibres can trap much more dirt than standard disposable j cloths making them less likely to leave any residue or streak marks on surfaces such as tiles, windows, chrome and computer/television screens. Even though Microfibre cloths are more expensive compared to standard disposable j cloths, they are much more durable and can be regularly washed – making them more hygienic, last longer and a more cost-effective alternative.

    We at A&R Cleaning Services know the importance of using the best equipment to provide a high standard of cleaning and so we use Microfibre cloths. For us, Microfibre cloths are a better alternative to Standard Disposable J cloths as the microfibre are naturally static, attracting and trapping dirt and bacteria from cleaned surfaces. Microfibre clothes are more expensive compared to Standard Disposable J clothes but Microfibre cloths have a longer life span and can be given individually to staff making them a more cost-effective solution.

    At A&R we pride ourselves on being professional, approachable and responsive. Please feel free to get in touch if you need a trusted commercial cleaning service.

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