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    Coronavirus: Which face mask works best?

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    Face masks: which is better?

    When we think about people wearing face masks, we think of surgeons wearing them. However, since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, The World Health Organisation (WHO) and many health organisations have been encouraging both the Welsh and UK public to wear face masks – with recent news announcing school pupils in Wales, England and Scotland to wear face coverings and masks whilst travelling to and from school and between classes.

    But which face-covering/mask is best at preventing further spread of the Coronavirus?

    Scientists and researchers at the Duke University in North Carolina Tested 14 different types of face-coverings ranging from the kind worn by healthcare professionals to neck fleeces and homemade masks (knitted and handsewn).

    The study that they conducted looked at the comparison of dispersed droplets from a participants breath whilst they were wearing one the face coverings that was being tested to the results of a controlled trial where no face covering was worn and their mouth was fully exposed.

    The scientists looked at all face coverings and ranked them from worst to best at protecting ourselves and others from the Coronavirus.

    Out of all the masks tested, neck fleece and gaiter type neck fleeces were found to be the least effective at lowering the risk of infection – with neck fleeces being found to actually increase the risk of infection by having a “droplet transmission fraction” of 110%.

    With Bandana being the second-worst face covering and knitted face coverings being the third-worst.

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    The league table of the 14 masks tested ranging from worst to best (picture number)

    14. Neck fleeces (11)

    13. Bandanas (12)

    12. knitted covering (3)

    11. Two-Layer Cotton, Pleated Mask (9)

    10. One-layer Cotton, Pleated style Mask (10)

    9. One-Layer Maxima AT Mask (6)

    8. Two-Layer Cotton, Olston Style Mask (8)

    7. N95 Mask the exhalation valve (2)

    6. Two-layer cotton, pleated style mask (7)

    6. Two-layer cotton, pleated style mask (13)

    4. Two-layer Polypropylene Apron Mask (4)

    3. Cotton – Polypropylene-cotton mask (5)

    2. Surgical Mask (1)

    1. N95 mask, no exhalation valve fitted (14)

    Duke University’s Mr Fischer said “we confirmed that when people speak, small droplets get expelled, so disease can be spread by talking, without coughing or sneezing. We could also see that some face covering performed better than others in blocking expelled particles”

    You can read more about the study here

    With surgical masks performing so well in the study and the wearing of face masks becoming the new norm within our society, we have 3 PLY disposable masks available to order.

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