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    Coronavirus: why is now the best time to have your factory deep cleaned?

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    The Coronavirus has been a thorn in every factories side. With factories seeing reduced production levels, reduced levels of staff working within, staff working from home, self-isolating or struck with illness. However, with this quiet period, now is the perfect opportunity to get a much needed deep clean crossed off your cleaning to-do list.

    Even with lockdown restrictions relaxing, there is still a strong emphasis from the Welsh and UK governments and health organisations to maintain proper hand hygiene (washing your hand for 20 seconds with warm water and soap or using hand sanitisers) and maintain a clean environment. Viruses like COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces for up to two hours – making it easy for it to be spread around your factory – so making the cleanliness of your factory a top priority is crucial.

    Deep cleaning evaporators/ freezers, air conditioning units, equipment and surfaces are just some of the steps to take to ensure that bacteria and viruses are at a significantly lower risk of spreading and in creating a safe and more pleasant work environment for your staff (lack of dirt brightens surfaces and makes the air smell fresher)

    So, if business is at a slower pace than normal, then this period of time is perfect to deep clean your factory, warehouse, or unit. However, if you are thinking “how do I or my cleaning team go about deep cleaning my factory?” Let the professionals come in and do the work for you.  

    Having a professional industrial cleaning service from A&R Cleaning Services will provide you with high standards of cleaning that may not be achievable by either yourself or your in-house cleaning teams – especially without specialist training and equipment.

    A clean and well-organised warehouse or factory will show those visiting your business how effective and safe it is. It can help boost morale and efficiency, enabling your employees to focus more on their work and create a pleasant, safe and professional place to work.

    However, with the recent news surrounding some factories having confirmed cases of COVID-19 (Greencore recently having to send 250 staff home due to confirmed cases) and localised spiking, it may be a good time to prepare your factory.

    Before your dive into getting your factory or warehouse deep cleaned, set out what cleaning standards you want and procedures now. Here are a few reasons:

    • It’ll help deliver a clear and strong message to your customers and employees that you are taking this seriously and are making the cleanliness of your factory a top priority.
    • Having high standards of cleaning will aid in complying to current health and safety laws and may aid in the introduction of new laws in the future.
    • When employees understand what is expected of them in terms of cleaning goals and standards, they will be more motivated to achieve these expectations.
    • Documenting clear and detailed procedures, standards and schedules will help maintain high standards of cleaning. Indicating steps or methods in keeping high standards of cleaning will make it easier to keep your factory clean on a regular basis instead of conducting larger cleans (which cant be maintained consistently).

    Maintaining high standards of cleanliness and housekeeping in a warehouse or factory is not an easy task – especially if you or your in-house cleaning teams aren’t properly trained or have the right equipment.

    A&R Cleaning teams can handle industrial deep cleaning services. Whether it’s high-level warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning or industrial floor cleaning we aim to work with you to achieve the high standards of cleaning that you want for your factory.

    If you’d like to find out more about our industrial cleaning services visiting our website or give us a call on 016565 713950

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