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    Do you have pests and bugs lurking in your office?

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    If you stop and have a think, you would be surprised at how many pests are living in your workplace.

    Your office, the place where your staff work and where you invite clients should have a Zero tolerance to pests. But this isn’t often the case.  Small bugs can carry health risks to not only your staff but also your visiting clients. Pests such as ants, cockroaches, flies, silverfish, bed bugs, mice and drain flies all pose a significant health risk.

    A good indicator that you may have a pest problem is the abundance of spiders in your office. Now spiders are harmless, but survive by eating other insects. So, if you have lots of spiders hiding in warm dry places such as desks, air vents and room corners, then you may want to think about getting rid of their food source.

    In general, insects are attracted to food sources and will be drawn to areas where food is prepared, which can be an inviting area to thrive. Flies will lay their eggs in food that is left in unemptied bins and drain flies will lay larvae that feed on dirt found in and around sinks. Silverfish love humidity and will often be seen around drains but they will move around and hide between books and sheets of paper. Bed bugs will inevitably find their way into your office after hitchhiking on their hosts. Bed bugs can multiply at an alarming rate and will survive on furniture before finding a new host.

    However, having small pests such as insects in your office doesn’t mean that your office is filthy and unfit to work in. Though it is advised to have regular cleaning carried out so that you don’t become overrun with pests. If you have a busy office and often see staff eating by their desks, encourage them to take a break and eat in a designated area so that crumbs and other food particles don’t get trapped between keys on a keyboard or in the speaker of their phone (as these can also attract pests).

    A tidy workplace is not only a pleasant environment to work in and leaves a lasting impression with visiting clients – but it can also help reduce staff sickness. In the UK, approximately 140 million workdays are lost due to staff sickness costing the UK economy around £32billion a year. A grubby office is not a pleasant workspace for staff to work in or to invite potential clients to, so look at investing in professional commercial cleaning services.

    If you’re seeing a few creepy crawlies scurrying around the place, then why not call us for a free quote on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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