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    Do your employees feel confident going back to work?

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    With the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases still increasing in areas of Wales, there is growing concerns amongst employees about whether or not their workplace is secure against COVID-19.

    In a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberley-Clark Professional, they showed that COVID-19 has affected perceptions of cleanliness and hygiene within the workplace, with three out of four people in the UK not feeling safe enough to go back to the workplace –  with 86% saying they would avoid a location if they didn’t think it was COVID Secure.

    Olena Neznal, Vice President of Kimberly-Clark Professional EMEA said “fear and uncertainty have put businesses under pressure to balance the responsibilities of keeping everyone safe and staying up to date with protocols whilst getting businesses back on track”

    The company commissioned Harris Interactive to discover how many people felt about returning to the workplace and discovered that 80% of consumers are now more aware of hygiene practices when outside the home.

    So, what steps can you take to make your employees feel safe?

    Perform a risk assessment

    The best way to identify areas that need extra cleaning attention is to perform a risk assessment. Performing a risk assessment within your workplace will highlight areas that need special attention (i.e overlooked areas and/or hotspots).

    Clean Hotspots

    When performing a risk assessment, hotspot areas such as handrails, handles, table surfaces and even your own keyboard will be seen as a risk as they are regularly touched by different persons throughout the day.  To reduce the risk of germs and bacteria being spread within the workplace, implement a frequent cleaning and disinfecting schedule.

    Invest robust cleaning products

    Household products such as bleach are effective at killing germs and bacteria from surfaces. However, with constant introductions of dirt, oils and debris by employees they become compromised – limiting their effectiveness against re-introduced germs and bacteria on surfaces. Also due to some household cleaning products nature, many can be corrosive to certain surfaces or even cause irritant to employees.

    Commercial cleaning products are specifically designed to be used within the workplace and are tested against a multitude of germs, bacteria’s and viruses. So investing in more robust cleaning products will give you and your employees peace of mind that their workplace is clean and kept safe.

    Invest in A&R Cleaning Services

    Ensuring that your staff feel confident and safe enough to return to work whilst keeping your business running can become a juggling act – which often leads to things slipping through the cleaning net. Investing in a professional cleaning provider like ourselves will allow you to focus on keeping your business running whilst we can get on creating a safe and cleaning work environment for both yourself and your employees. Alongside using professional cleaning products that are effective against bacteria’s and viruses and infection control methods – which you can read more about here – we can provide further protection against viruses such as COVID-19 through our bio-misting service which you can read more about here.

    For more information about our professional cleaning services in South Wales and the South West get in touch with us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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