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    Effective ways to clean your nursery

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    There a small number of places where cleanliness matters as much as it does in a nursery. Any parent to small children will know that children are prone to sickness, as they are a bit young to understand personal hygiene – leading to germs and bacteria to rapidly spread throughout your nursery.

    To combat the potential of viruses such as cold & flu or sickness bugs spreading through your nursery is hiring a professional cleaning service like A&R Cleaning Services. We can professionally clean your nursery on a regular basis.

    So, here are some ways to effectively clean your nursery.

    Regular cleaning

    Having regular cleaning of your nursery can have a dramatic effect on the health of the children who are at your nursery. Surfaces such as countertops, bathroom sinks and tables will benefit greatly from regular cleaning.

    If you are having Professional Cleaning Services, it is important that you set-up a cleaning schedule that will help give the best results. Having regular cleaning not only ensure that your nursery is clean and fresh, but it also helps improve your learning environment and gives little ones a safe and enjoyable place to learn.

    Work from the top down

    When cleaning a space, it is important that you clean from the top down. Working from the top allows dust and dirt from light fixtures and cupboards and cabinets can fall to the floor during the cleaning process. Starting from the bottom will see you miss debris that has fallen – resulting in more work for you.

    If you don’t want to give yourself more work, then let us do it. We have experience with cleaning nurseries and know the best methods of cleaning to achieve the best results.

    Choose safe but effective cleaning products

    With so many cleaning products flooding the market, it can be difficult to know which cleaning products are the best and safe to use. You can research cleaning products that are safe to use within your nursery or leave it to the professionals. We at A&R Cleaning Services use products that are used within the cleaning industry and are proven to disinfect – killing 99.99% of viruses instead of using one product does all.

    Also, to make sure that children cannot reach our products, they are stored well away in locked cleaning cupboards.

    Bathroom tips

    Many nurseries will find it hard to keep their toilets clean, but it is a critical piece for effective cleaning. To keep your toilets sparkling clean, there are a number of methods that you can implement.

    Firstly, if a child uses the toilet, make sure that a member of staff is there to make sure that they wash their hands – as this will help reduce the spread of germs throughout your nursery.  

    Having daily cleaning is another crucial part of overall toilet cleanliness. If you have days that you don’t have professional cleaners in, you can wipe down toilet surfaces with antibacterial wipes and clean toilets with a high-quality cleaning product.

    To further prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, have hand sanitiser and soap in your toilet. This will make it easier for staff to quickly sanitise their hands if they have helped children to the toilet.

    Let A&R Cleaning Services help!

    If you are finding it a challenge to keep with the mess and cleaning of your nursery then why not speak to A&R Cleaning Services. We have years of experience working with education facilities and work with a number of nurseries and schools across South Wales. To find out more about our Commercial Cleaning Services, visit our website or give us a call on 01656 713950

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