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    Five signs it’s time to hire a Cleaning service

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    Time to hire a commercial cleaning service?

    The importance of having a clean working environment cannot be emphasised enough. A neat and clean office not only boosts staff moral and work efficiency but also impacts your sales.

    So does this mean your office will remain dirty? No, not really. A&R Cleaning Services provide reliable commercial cleaning services in Cardiff and across South Wales and help maintain a clean working environment at all times.

    But, there may be signs that mean you may need to hire a professional commercial cleaning service in Cardiff to clean your office.

    Employee sickness

    You don’t want staff to be reporting in sick or having to take paid leave due to flu, stomach bugs or hay fever – putting a strain on your business. Having a regular cleaning schedule not only helps in keeping your workplace fresh and clean but it helps keep your work environment healthy.

    Bacteria and viruses can live on a number of surfaces that staff regularly come in contact with such as chairs, tables, desktops, work tops and even the office kitchen and bathroom.

    You can entrust your workplace cleaning to us A&R Cleaning Services. Our professional cleaners use our colour code system alongside our tried and tested products that are proven to disinfect – killing viruses and bacteria.

    High staff turnover

    If your workplace is unclean and messy it can effect your staff retention and see high staff turnover. Not only can an unclean workplace effect staff productivity, it can also demoralise staff and leave bad impressions on customers.

    Staff doing the cleaning

    Nobody wants to work in a business that is dirty, cluttered and has an unclean environment.

    If your office is littered with food crumbs, crumpled paper and rubbish, employees will waste time cleaning up the mess. They may have to stay late in order to clean their own workspace so that they can work in a clean working environment the following day.

    Having staff carry out their own cleaning will leave them with less time to complete their tasks. Isn’t that a good reason to looking at hiring a cleaning service in Cardiff?

    Customers arriving and then leaving

    Whatever the type of size of business, you will always have customers or prospects visiting your business. However, having customers or prospects walking in and being greeted by an untidy and unclean reception area doesn’t create a good impression.

    Having an unclean workplace doesn’t showcase your business’ professionalism and dedication to providing a quality products or service.

    Moving to a new address

    Moving to a new and larger workspace shows your business’ progress and growth but this would mean that your would need to employ a larger workforce and attend more customers – leaving you little time to focus on cleaning your business. Another good reason to hire a cleaning service.

    Delegate your cleaning work

    No, we don’t mean delegating the cleaning work to your staff. Leave it to us! A&R Cleaning Services have 40 years experience in the cleaning industry, providing professional services and excellent cleaning standards to businesses in Cardiff and South Wales.

    If you would like a free quote call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website for more details.

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