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    Going on holidays – Who is doing your cleaning?

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    Business owners! It’s important to have a little ‘me’ time when you’re running a business so having a few days holiday can’t hurt. But even when you’re on holidays, there are always those nagging doubts in your mind ‘how is the business doing? Is everyone ok? Is everyone working? Is someone doing the cleaning?’

    As a business owner cleaning is the least of your worries but it is something that needs to be done none the less – especially if you want to keep your staff happy and show a professional environment to new clients.

    But who will do the cleaning while I’m away?

    Maybe the staff can clean the office? Although this may sound like a great idea, cleaning is more than just a quick hoover of the carpets and a wipe down of surfaces. Staff don’t want to be lumbered with the chore of cleaning the office, especially after a long day. Having staff clean not only makes them feel un-happy, under-appreciated and over-worked, but they are not fully trained to clean correctly. If area’s such as the kitchen, breakout room, toilets or the office aren’t cleaned correctly, it could lead to them becoming the perfect place for germs and bacteria to grow and spread – making not only your staff ill but also your visiting clients too.

    So, what can you do to prevent this?

    Hire in the professionals!

    Having a professional cleaning service takes the headache away from figuring out ‘Who is going to do the cleaning today?’ and allows you to focus on the more important things – your business. Having a clean business can boost your staff’s morale and productivity – leading to more sales and increased profit.

    Professional commercial cleaners such as ourselves know the importance of having a clean business. We approach our clients cleaning needs professionally and provide fully trained staff to carry out our high standards of cleaning. If you’re away from your business and are afraid that no one would be able to enter after hours without a staff member being there, don’t worry. We provide Secure keyholding services that allow our professional cleaning teams to come in and continually carry out our cleaning without anyone having to be there. Giving you peace of mind that you are getting what you paid for while you’re away.

    If you would like to know more about our services or would like a free quote call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website for more details.

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