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    Gyms: Is your gym ready to re-open after lockdown?

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    How many of you are looking forward for gyms to re-open in Wales?

    With lockdown closing gyms within Wales, many gym goers are looking forward to going back to the gym instead of working out at home. And it’s not just gym goers that are looking forward to gyms re-opening, gym owners are too.

    But with gyms being closed for over 4 months, many will need to be deep cleaned, sanitised and kept clean before they re-open to clients.

    So before re-opening, what should gym owners do to ensure that their gym is a clean and healthy environment?

    Well to help answer that question we have some handy tips and advice!


    It may seem like an obvious thing to do but many people will get cleaning mixed up with disinfecting and often results in surfaces still teaming with unfriendly viruses. So, before you re-open it is important that you clean down any surfaces that will have dirt and debris on them, remove unwanted cobwebs, flush out water systems (taps and showerheads) of stagnant water (as this will contain the Legionella Virus) and throw away any cloths or tea towels that have been there since lockdown began. Taking these steps will not only give you a great base to sanitise and disinfect your gym, but it will also give your staff and clients a positive impression on how you care for their health and wellbeing when they return.


    It’s is important to remember that gyms have been closed for over 4 months and with dirt and debris being on surfaces, they will be teaming with harmful bacteria and viruses.

    In a recent study conducted in 2017 by Insider, they tested 27 pieces of gym equipment and found that over 70% of the bacteria and viruses that were on them can cause skin infections and serious illnesses.

    So after you have removed dirt and debris from surfaces, sanitise your gym and its equipment with several viricidal cleaning products (not one does all). This ensures that all surfaces within your gym are effectively sanitised and are free from viruses.

    However, if you are looking at the cleaning products within your gym and thinking ‘I don’t know what I am looking at’ then let a professional cleaning provider like us help you. We have years of experience in providing professional cleaning service to gyms and sports facilities across South Wales.

    Along with providing regular cleans that will keep your gym looking fresh, we use viricidal products that are all BS EN tested – meaning that they have been tested against viruses such as COVID-19, Norovirus, MRSA and E.Coli and have been proven to kill them. Ensuring that your gym is virus-free and give you, your staff and clients peace of mind.

    Good hand hygiene

    Since the pandemic, there has been a strong emphasis for us to regularly keep good hand hygiene by either washing our hand for 20 seconds with warm water and soap or using hand sanitisers if we cannot wash our hands.

    So to ensure your clients and staff maintain good hand hygiene, place hand sanitisers in key areas of your gym such as the entrance areas, changing rooms, vending machines and work out rooms. And wash their hands after being to the toilet, after eating food, etc.

    Sanitising Kits

    Although you have sanitised your gym equipment, lockers, changing rooms and other areas of your gym, once you have re-opened clients will be bringing in harmful bacteria’s and viruses. So, to avoid your clients spreading and picking up viruses such as COVID-19, place sanitising kits close to gym equipment and encourage your clients to wipe down the equipment before and after use and to sanitise their hands (remember to keep good hand hygiene)


    When you re-open you want to ensure that your clients are in as safe of an environment as possible and are protected.

    Bio-misting allows multiple surfaces (including hard to reach areas) to be disinfected by a fine mist of viricidal disinfectant product. As it is a fine mist it contains very little water and takes very little time to dry when the disinfectant settles onto surfaces – meaning you can get straight back to getting your gym-ready without having to wait around. Once dry the disinfectant gets straight to work killing any viruses that are living on surfaces and remains active for several days – killing any bacteria that is present in moisture (even microscopic). To find out more about our bio-misting services take a look here.

    We understand that these a very difficult times for gyms like yours looking to re-open but if you are in need of help getting your gym clean and ready to welcome clients then get in touch us on 01656 713950.

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