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    Halloween Special: Worryingly weird workplace stories

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    The beauty of working in a building full of people is that every once in a while, someone behaves in a way that they think it completely normal, that is totally alien to the general public.

    It will come as no surprise to the reader that since a lot of our work involves professionally cleaning large workspaces, we’ve seen some shocking sights in our time.

    We’ve put this out to the public though (as we’re strictly professional) and, as a special Halloween treat, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite slapstick workplace stories.

    The Eggsorcist

    As kitchen appliances go, the kettle is not the most versatile. A standard kettle does one job: boil water. This is a well-known fact.

    Or is it?

    “I once walked into the staff room kitchen to find it was full of steam. I could barely see anything. I then saw the reason for this. Someone had left the lid of the kettle open. As I closed it I could see something floating in the water. Someone was using the kettle to hard boil an egg for their lunch.”

    Maybe innovation in the workplace should always be congratulated?


    Silence of the Lens

    Some workplaces are lucky enough to have a staff room dishwasher, and it wouldn’t be abnormal to see it filling up within the space of a few hours. Especially not if people are using to wash other items…

    “A fellow teacher once misplaced her reading glasses. Teachers were looking in desk drawers, stationery cupboards and in the washrooms. Later that day, long after everyone had given up, I went to unload the dishwasher and lo and behold there were my colleagues missing glasses. At least they were sparkling and smudge free.”

    What Lies Beneath

    Communal kitchens come with rules. Where there are multiple people preparing their food throughout the day it’s important to be conscientious and respectful of others.

    The workplaces that take a more laid-back and common sense approach might find people being a bit more creative with their lunch prep. Most people wouldn’t think it acceptable to, say, pluck a chicken in work.

    Except this person…

    Night of the Dripping Bread

    Now let’s revisit the versatility of kitchen appliances. Toasters, essentially, heat up bread. No one ever really reads the instructions or warnings with these things. Maybe because it’s difficult to go far wrong with warming up bread?

    There’s always one office rebel.

    “I just thought the toaster had been knocked over onto its side after a cleaning flurry. I went to pick it up and it was hot. With the pain I dropped it back down and then realised that it hadn’t been knocked over at all. Someone had purposely turned it on its side to make cheese on toast. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

    Prawn of the Dead

    If you’re an employee, you may feel a bit shy about moving around furniture to find a dropped item, like your keys or phone. So if it’s something more trivial, you may just not be able to deal with the embarrassment.

    Like a fish.

    The Pottergeist

    Your workplace might be mad into sports! Some really cool workplaces have things like pool tables and ping pong. It’s always a bit of a risk to try and impress your colleagues with your awesome skills. Especially if you don’t quite pull it off.

    Or you get a tangerine stuck in pool table.

    “Somebody threw a tangerine across the room once and it landed on the pool table, rolled and went down the pot. It was genius. Of course it got stuck and we spent most of the day retrieving it though. Tangerine pool was soon banned… ”

    The Bear Witch Project

    To finish on a high, we’ve saved the most random til last. We’re not even sure how to introduce this one…


    A & R Cleaning wish you a spooky halloween.

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