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    Happy 10th Anniversary A&R Cleaning Services!

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    Happy 10th Anniversary A&R

    Wow where has the time gone, one minute Ashley and Rayner started out with a small business and in a blink of an eye, they both have a multi-award winning and multi-million-pound business with over 200 staff and clients.

    And like any business, A&R Cleaning services first started off with an idea and a dream.

    Being a young mum of two and living off benefits Rayner wanted to create a better life for both herself and her two young children and prove to others that she just wasn’t another young mum on benefits

    But with her coming out of school with very little in terms of qualifications and being a young mum of two, what could she do?


    And thus, her first business ‘The Iron Lady’ was born. But like any business, she needed a few things to kick start her way into becoming a fully fledged business. So with the help of her parents, she borrowed some money, got herself a small van, an ironing board and iron to get the ball rolling. But to truly kickstart her plans to better her family’s lives, she needed to get her business out there. So, she got some cardboard and a marker and created her first small little advert and places it in a local shop window praying that the phone would ring. Which it did.  After 4 months Rayner became inundated with clients asking for her ironing services, which allowed her to give up her position as a care worker and become a full-time self-employed business owner.

    The Iron Lady 2008

    Can you clean my house?

    Rayner’s ironing business was as they say ‘Booming’ but many of her clients started asking ‘Can you clean my house?’ and this got Rayner thinking even more about how she can grow her business. So, after taking on domestic cleaning clients and hiring a small team, Rayner could see a gap in the market to provide both domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning in Bridgend. This then sparked both Ashley & Rayner to come together in 2010 to create A&R Cleaning Services.

    It wasn’t all smooth sailing though

    If you ask any business owner who first started up, they will tell you the challenges and hurdles they faced to get their business going and keep it going. And these were the very same challenges that both Rayner and Ashley faced. With Rayner suffering from depression from a very young age, Ashley facing uncertainly within in the finance sector due to the recession and both of them having very little knowledge on how to run a business, it could have been very easy for them to throw in the towel and say ‘This won’t work’. But they could see the business had loads of potential to grow and provide first-class cleaning services to properties across South Wales, so both of them poured their hearts and souls into creating a fantastic brand.

    Now 10 years on…..

    And many more challenges and moves later, A&R Cleaning services has grown from a small ironing business located in a shed at the end of a garden to a multi-award winning and multi-million-pound business that employs over 200 staff and services over 200 clients across South Wales.

    One Central Square
    Ashley & Rayner with One Central Square Facilities Manager John Lambert

    We may have turned 10 this year, but A&R Cleaning Services wouldn’t have gone far without our amazing staff. Like many businesses, we have seen staff come and go but we have an amazing team of staff that are still driving A&R to be the best of the best, providing high standards of cleaning and 5-star service for our clients (which continues to grow).

    And it’s not just our amazing staff that have helped build A&R to what it is today. It is also our amazing clients. From our past domestic clients to our now ever-growing list of commercial clients, without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to provide a 5-star cleaning service, provide local jobs for local people and grow our business to what it is now.

    Ashley & Rayner Celebrating 10 years

    Although there have been many challenges (including a certain pandemic that has slowed the world down). We are still immensely proud of all of our achievements and how much we have grown as a team and a business. And as you have probably guessed, it’s not just about us, it’s our staff and our clients too.

    So here is to many more years to come.

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