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    Hospital cleaning: Best practises to keep patients and staff safe

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    Keeping patients and staff safe in a healthcare facility safe such as a hospital should be the number one priority, but this isn’t always the case. A study carried out in January 2017 showed that infectious diseases account for 7% of deaths and cost the UK nearly £30bn.

    Here are some cleaning practises that you should follow to minimise the spread of infectious diseases.

    Wear gloves

    This is a basic rule when dealing with patients within a hospital or healthcare facility but there are some who do not wear them correctly and spread dangerous bacteria. When cleaning assign different gloves for different tasks such as household cleaning tasks, patient rooms and jobs involving heavily soiled items. When moving between rooms or wards it is important that gloves shouldn’t be worn in hallways, as bacteria from a patient’s room, communal area or washroom can be easily spread.

    Focus on high touch areas

    Just like public bathrooms and schools, there will be high-touch areas that staff should focus on when cleaning. Bed rails, doorknobs, phones, and remote controls in patient rooms. As these are high touch areas, there is a greater risk of dangerous bacteria growing and spreading.

    Work from clean to dirty areas

    Some of the largest mistakes made is cleaning from the dirtiest places such as restrooms and then moving onto cleaner parts of a hospitals. This can easily increase the spread of bacteria. Hospital cleaning should progress from the rooms with the healthiest patients to toilets in wards with the sickest patients.

    Limit air pollution

    To keep bacteria from becoming air-borne it is recommended that soiled bed cloths should be rolled away from patients before being placed (not thrown) into linen bins. Rubbish bags should be tied securely without releasing excess air in the bag.

    Avoid cross-contamination

    The biggest challenge for cleaning staff is removing and disposing contaminants correctly. Mop heads and cloths are almost guaranteed to bring bacteria to other parts of a hospital. A&R Cleaning Services follow strict procedures and the disciplines of infection control through our colour code system – ensuring that bacteria does not leave the room.

    Disposing of contaminated material safely

    It is important that cleaning staff know how and where to dispose of coiled surfaces and solutions. Whether it is soiled linens, dirty cleaning fluids or contaminated materials from clinics, make sure there is no chance of cross-contamination during removal.

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