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    Hot Desking: Are they just ‘Hot beds’ for germs and bacteria?

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    Hot desking in Cardiff has become a popular option for start-ups and small business owners who just want to operate from one location without paying hefty rent costs. However, even though hotdesking is a cost-effective way to save money on renting office space – multiple people are using that one space, meaning that Hot Desks are Hot beds for germs and bacteria.

    A recent study showed that hot desks had 18% more germs and bacteria compared to working at a fixed office space and desk. In particular, the use of shared computer mice showed a 41% increase in germs and bacteria.

    A lot of people may assume that hot desking is cleaner as people don’t want to leave clutter such as food packets, empty mugs and plates lying around, especially if the space is not theirs. But just because the desk environment looks clean on the surface doesn’t mean that office equipment such as laptops, keyboards, computer mice and telephones carry a higher risk of cross-contamination and allow germs and bacteria to spread from person to person more easily.

    Hot desking has its practicalities and positives and can be hard to give up despite the potential hygiene risks that come with them. So, what should be done to combat these risks?

    Hand Hygiene

    Throughout the day we touch hundreds of surfaces without really noticing so having business owners who are hot desking pay attention to the hand hygiene and employing good washing practices can make a significant difference when it comes to the spread of common illnesses such as cold & flu and the norovirus.

    Anti-bacterial wipes

    Having antibacterial wipes in dispensers close to desks can help encourage business owners who are using a hot desk – reducing the number of germs and bacteria living on surfaces.


    Businesses who run hot desking services should encourage business owners to take pride in creating a pleasant environment for not only themselves, but for other business owners who are also using the space. Keeping a tidy workspace not only boosts the business owners work efficiency but it helps other business maintain a clean and ‘noise free’ space.

    If you offer hot desking services to startups or business owners and what to offer them a clean working environment, then speak to us. With the use of our proven industry products and colour code system, we can reduce the risk of germs and bacteria spreading – offering your clients a clean working environment.

    For more information or you would like a free quote call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website for further details.  

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