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    How often should you retrain your cleaners?

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    Cleaning seems like a basic service, but it is an important part to keeping a business looking professional and to run smoothly – especially when the cleaning is done correctly.

    But whether you have an inhouse cleaning team or have your cleaners outsourced from a professional cleaning services company, it’s important that the cleaners are fully trained.

    But why?

    Cleaning staff regularly come in contact with hazardous materials such as their own cleaning products and work in environments where accidents can happen.

    So, whenever we take on new staff, we provide them full 1-2-1 training in COSHH, Manual Handling, Health & Safety, Sharps and Bodily Fluid clean up alongside the correct use of our products, equipment and methods.

    Having these training methods in place for our new staff ensures that whenever they are cleaning a client’s property, they know how to effectively and correctly deal with any situations that may arise whilst providing high standards of cleaning.

    But what about current cleaning staff? How often should they be retrained?

    When employing any new staff, it is a legal requirement to provide them with full training, but it is also a legal requirement to provide refresher training to existing staff. The cleaning industry is constantly evolving with new products and new cleaning methods, we retrain our staff every 2 years in COSHH, Manual Handling, Sharps, Bodily Fluid and Health and Safety.

    This refreshes cleaning staff’s knowledge on using the correct methods when dealing with hazardous materials or to avoid accidents within the workplace and helps introduce any new methods that may have come into effect.

    If you are thinking about having Professional Cleaning Services for your business in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or would like to change providers, then take a look at our website for further details or get in touch with us on 01656 713950

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