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    How to keep your dog-friendly office clean?

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    Dog Friendly Office

    With many offices in Cardiff welcoming a more relaxed approach to pets, many are becoming dog-friendly and welcome our four-legged companions as part of the team.

    But with our offices becoming pro-dog many office furnishings aren’t. From wet paws to moulting, dogs can add an extra level of mess to a professional space and will need specialist cleaning.

    Although dogs can be a fun way of introducing a more family feel to the office, those little extra’s such as shedded fur and smells could make clients or visitors turn around and walk back out the door. However, it is possible to embrace the best of both worlds as long as you have a good cleaning regime.

    So how do you clean up after your furry workmate?

    Invest in a top-notch hoover

    If your workplace has carpets and you’re worried that dog hair will get trapped, you or your cleaners will need a good quality hoover. Have a hoover that has powerful suction, good brush options and has a top of the line filter. Also, to keep on top of the visible dog hair make sure that you hoover your office every other day (if you have pets in your office daily) – this help avoid allergies and prevent that musty pet smell.

    Keep dog toys or accessories clean

    To keep your dog happy and not terrorising your employees, having a dog bed, blankets or toys in your office will keep them occupied. However, they can be hotbeds for bacteria and bad smells, so it is essential that you regularly clean or replace them.

    Take action against accidents

    No matter how well-trained your dog is accidents will happen. When they do have an accident, you need to act fast to avoid any permanent stains and long-lasting smells. Make sure that your office has equipment such as rubber gloves, plastic bags and a powerful enzyme spray to kill bacteria on hand in case of any accidents.

    Freshen up

    During the colder months, it can be difficult to keep windows open to give your office a good airing (especially if you have a four-legged friend) and get rid of musty pet smells. If you can’t give your office some fresh air, then investing in air fresheners is one way to ensure that your office continues to smell inviting and professional.

    Whether your office is pet-friendly or strictly pet free, A&R Cleaning Services can provide commercial and professional cleaning services to workplaces across Cardiff and South Wales. To find out how we can help keep your office clean then visit our website or call 01656 713950.

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