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    Industrial cleaning – how to keep it COVID-19 free

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    With lockdown slowly easing within Wales and the UK, many industrial manufacturers will see it as a welcomed relief to them seeing their workforce return and get back to normal operations. However, with there still a high risk for those working catching COVID-19 there are some important steps that industrial units – and one of them is keeping their units clean and hygienic.

    But how?

    To help keep your staff safe and your industrial unit clean and COVID-19 free, we have some very handy tips.

    So, what can you do to keep your industrial unit safe?

    Risk Assessment

    You may have already conducted a risk assessment at the start of the pandemic. However, with your workforce slowly coming back it is important that you or your cleaning team conduct another thorough risk assessment of your building. This ensures that with the increased staff numbers, you have processes and procedures to minimise contact between staff, maintain good hygiene and have procedures in place to ensure that your unit is regularly kept clean and sanitised.

    Clean hight touch areas

    When you conduct a risk assessment, high touch areas such as light switches, handrails, door handles, machinery controls, etc will be highlighted as areas that will be at risk of spreading infectious viruses like COVID-19. To ensure that these areas are at a reduced risk of spreading viruses, have you or your cleaning team increase their cleaning of these areas with antibacterial or viricidal products. If your staff share a lot of machinery throughout the day, place hand sanitisers and antibacterial wipes close by so that they can sanitise their hands and wipe down machinery controls before and after use.

    Disinfect and Sanitise

    There is a very big difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising. Cleaning entails the removal of dirt and debris on surfaces, whereas disinfecting and sanitising is the killing and reduction of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. If you have staff that regularly share equipment and machinery, place antibacterial wipes close by so that they can wipe down controls before and after use- reducing the risk of viral infection. To ensure that your industrial unit is kept squeaky clean and virus free use commercial cleaning products. Compared to household cleaning products, commercial cleaning products are designed to be used in commercial and industrial settings and have been BS-EN (British Standard European Norm) tested against viruses including COVID-19.

    Deep clean!

    We all know that industrial units can be notoriously hard to keep clean due to the amount of dirt and debris that machinery generates. This dirt and debris can be breeding ground for viruses like COVID-19, so to avoid your industrial unit being a hotbed for viruses invest in a deep clean. As the name suggests deep cleaning help remove stubborn dirt from surfaces and hard to reach areas – ensuring that all areas of your unit is free of any dirt and debris that can easily harbour bacteria and viruses.


    Bio-misting is another form of disinfecting. However, unlike the conventional methods of spraying equipment and surfaces with disinfectant and wiping it away, bio-misting allows a fine mist of disinfectant to be sprayed over a large area. This means that all surfaces within your industrial unit (even the hard to reach ones) are thoroughly disinfected. And once the disinfectant has settled onto surfaces and dried, it remains active for several days – reacting to any moisture (even microscopic) that comes in contact with the surface it is on.

    Throughout the pandemic, we have been providing professional cleaning services to industrial units across South Wales and the South West – ensuring that their units are clean and safe for their staff to work in.

    For more information about our bio-misting services or industrial unit cleaning services visit our website. To arrange a free no-obligation quote call us on 01656 713950.  

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