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    Is visible cleaning key to customer confidence?

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    Since the start of the lockdown period in March 2020, the government has urged us to stay safe, only travelling from home when needed, wear a mask within indoor public spaces, sanitise our hands on a regular basis and to maintain social distancing. Although these measures were put into place to keep and make people feel safe, there are many who don’t feel safe when visiting their local supermarket or bank and have had their confidence knocked due to this.

    However, one service is changing all of that. Previously hidden behind the scenes the cleaning industry has finally had a light shone on it and it’s proving to be a key factor in regaining customer confidence.

    Independent research commissioned by ABM UK explored the perception of built environments with regards to the visibility of cleaning operatives now compared to life pre-COVID. They found that the mere sight of disinfection happening in public spaces can go a long way to creating customer confidence and the need to feel safe.

    ABM UK had 1000 participants for their research, with 61% saying that seeing cleaning operatives in public spaces makes them feel that safety measures are being taken seriously and nearly half agreed it reminded them to stay alert. Out of the 1000 participants, a quarter said that visible cleaning instilled a sense of trust in the environment and 27% agreed it made them feel safe.

    John McPherson, ABM UK managing director said “45% of the respondents agreed that they visibility of cleaning in progress would encourage them to return to a building – whether it was an office space, shopping centre or airport. COVID-19 represents a turning point for the facilities services industry where, in the past, facilities services often went unnoticed. It now has national awareness and represents a gateway for the UK to reopen and stay that way”

    However, when asked about their attitudes to seeing cleaning operatives carrying out their duties in public spaces Pre-COIVD-19 a fifth of people admitted that they thought cleaning was something that should happen after hours or behind the scenes. Compared to the 2% of who think the same post-COVID-19.

    If you own a public space and require additional cleaning support to make your customers feel safe and confident then get in touch with us here on 01656 713950.

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