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    Keeping your office allergen and irritant free

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    How do you keep your office allergen free?

    Whether it’s dust, pollen or pet hair, allergens can affect anyone. Our homes and outside can be rife with allergens and irritants, so seeking refuge in your office during the workday can be a welcomed relief. But did you know? Office spaces too can have their fair share of allergens and irritants.

    People can bring them in on their clothes and body, and while office ventilation can be a good way to circulate cool fresh air, it can also release and circulate dust. If your boss is trying to keep a tight hold on the purse strings, they may insist on using natural air conditioning – allowing pollen to get into the office.

    Although you may not have full control of the office environment, you can do little things that can help you combat allergens and irritants.

    Covering your computer monitor and keyboard can stop dust and other allergens from settling. Wiping with a damp or microfibre cloth regularly over your workspace can help remove allergens and irritants.

    Office carpets are magnets for collecting allergens. So having cleaning staff in to regularly clean them can help remove them and minimise the amount of allergens being releassed back into the air.

    There are some areas of the office that can be overlooked such as behind and underneath cupboards, air vents and water coolers – so make sure that cleaning staff are aware of these areas and that they are part of their cleaning schedule.

    Don’t leave dirty dishes on your desk! Dirty dishes not only attract pests, but they can be potential breeding grounds for mould.

    Plants are one of the biggest allergy triggers especially with those who suffer from hayfever or seasonal asthma- so removing them from your space will help (unless they’re fake)

    To minimise the allergens coming in from the outside, try and close windows or your own window if you have your own office space.

    Keeping wall decorations to a minimum can help lessen the build up of dust collecting and being spread around.

    If you find it difficult to keep your office allergen free, then why not look at hiring a professional cleaning company in.

    We at A&R Cleaning services have over 40 years’ experience in the cleaning industry. We are able to offer businesses bespoke services and tailored cleaning schedules that will be effective at combating allergens and irritants.

    If you would like to know more about our services and how we can help your business call us for a quote on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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