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    Keeping your office phones and keyboards sparkling clean

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    When searching the web for cleaning facts, many of them will be about offices and office equipment and how they can harbour more germs and bacteria compared to other places within the workplace.

    Many offices in and around Cardiff will have cleaners in to make sure that their offices are ship-shape for the working day ahead. Most cleaners when cleaning will dust down phones and keyboards within your office at least once a week and possibly go over them with a damp cloth, but is that enough to remove nasty bacteria, dust and make-up that build up on phones or other office equipment every day?

    Although it is not unusual to see some office workers have their own phones on their desks, many offices in Cardiff are adopting more flexible working where equipment is shared between staff, increasing the risk of cross-contamination within an office space. So, when cleaning equipment such as phones, headsets, and buttons, we recommend that phones are regularly and thoroughly cleaned using products that can kill germs and bacteria. Keyboards are one of the highest-ranked for being a rich breeding ground for germs and bacteria and so will need the same treatment in addition to vacuuming and brushing out any dust or debris that have collected underneath the keys.

    Within an office, a keyboard may harbour 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat, so not a nice place to be sitting next to when eating your lunch by your desk (which has increased over the years).

    Infections and viruses are transmitted by touch and a typical office worker will come into contact with up to 10 million bacteria every day – with many of them causing illnesses that will make staff take leave of work. Viruses such as the common cold or flu can live on hard surfaces such as desks, phones and keyboards for up to 24 hours.

    You can’t get rid of all the germs and bacteria within your office, but you can certainly control them by having your cleaners give a basic clean (which is better than nothing).

    But if you feel that that’s not enough to create a healthy and clean environment for your staff then why not speak to us. Professional cleaning providers like us know that office equipment can harbour millions of germs and bacteria and know the importance of providing regular cleaning services. That’s why when cleaning we ensure that equipment such as monitors, keyboards, towers, telephones and handsets are regularly cleaned by our staff who use our products that are proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria from surfaces. Not only does this show that you care for your staff’s health, but you also care for their working environment and business.

    To find out more about our Office Cleaning Services Barry then visit our website here or give us a call on 01656 713950 to arrange a no-obligation meeting  

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