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    The A & R recruitment philosophy

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    Hiring the right people is key to good quality cleaning service. Reliability, positive attitude, attention to detail, professionalism and trustworthiness are values we believe in as a company, and our recruitment philosophy reflects that.

    We believe that we’re only as good as our cleaners, so our commitment to our philosophy is shown by our 10-step recruitment process:

    1. Application – We review their skills, experience and references

    2. Interview – Check whether they are reliable, professional and friendly

    3. DBS Check – Ensures the safety and security of client venues

    4. Trial period – Lasts for a minimum of at least two weeks

    5. Probation period – A whole six months

    6. Training – Using a colour coded cleaning system

    7. Certification – H&S, COSHH and Manual Handling

    8. Supervision – Ongoing supervision and spot checks

    9. Review – Ensure individuals are fully trained and reliable

    10. Monitoring – Continual monitoring and review by management

    Every member of our team has passed all the stages and received extensive training. The process is intense and time consuming. It would be a lot less work to just hire more cleaners on a temporary basis – but that wouldn’t be the A&R way.

    And the positive feedback we receive about our cleaners tells us that this is exactly what clients want. We’re confident all of our employees will leave you satisfied with the results.

    Ultimately, from our recruitment process we want two things:

    • Happy employees who like going to work every day and take pride in their work
    • Happy customers who are delighted with the standard of cleaning

    We think that if we get these two things right then everything else will fall into place.

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