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    Reasons why retail cleaning can help make you more money!

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    In the retail industry good first impressions count and in order to survive and thrive in a world of big brands and online shopping – you need to ensure that your premises is attractive, glitzy and in top condition.

    One thing that customers hate is entering a dirty shop, especially when they are looking forward to a great shopping experience.  Don’t lose customers just because you cannot maintain a spotlessly clean store. As one of the top contract cleaning companies in Cardiff, A&R Cleaning Services can help you maintain a spotlessly clean retail store.

    With 40 years of experience, we understand the challenges of retail cleaning and how important is it to your business.

    Here are some ways a clean shop and can help increase sales.  

    Create the right impression

    Creating the right impression is key when attracting customers and maintaining customer loyalty. Stores with dusty shelves or items covered in dust or cobwebs in the corner of ceilings aren’t really going to impress your customers. When you want to increase your customer loyalty, you need to invest in regular cleaning.

    We at A&R Cleaning Services employ professional cleaners in Cardiff who are fully trained and have years of experience cleaning retail spaces. Regardless of opening hours, we can be there to ensure your shop is ready and spotlessly clean to welcome the days customers.

    Maintain a clean environment

    Having a spotlessly clean retail environment is all the more important especially if you are dealing with food items. An unkept and untidy store is sure to have bad odours that will definitely put off customers from making a purchase or even entering your store. 

    Here at A&R Cleaning Services we don’t use cheap cleaning products, we use only the best. Not only can our products keep your shop spotlessly clean, they add a fresh smell to interiors.

    Make your mark against bigger brands.

    Cardiff highstreets are filled with bigger brands and large retail stores spend a lot on upkeep and maintenance in order to provide the best experience for their customers. Most often, the appearance of a neat and tidy store that is organised and maintained can draw more customers. So, when competing against big brands, you need to maintain that high standard too. All of our staff here at A&R Cleaning services are fully trained in retail cleaning and are trained to use the latest equipment to do a thorough job.

    A&R Cleaning Services have 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, providing professional retail cleaning services to retailers in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bridgend and RCT. If you would like to find out more about our retail cleaning services visit our website or for a free quote call 01656 713950

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