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    Should your employees be eating by their desk?

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    Cardiff is one of the best places to find some fantastic places to eat, especially for lunch. But with offices using more technology to get work done faster, many office employees feel that they are chained to the desk to get their workload under control – which can often see them eating at their desk during lunch.

    With so many employees opting to eat by their desk to get their work finished, rather than taking a break somewhere else isn’t always the best and not the most hygienic.

    This may sound like a scaremongering statistic, but desks can harbour more than 10million bacteria (that is 400 times more than on a toilet seat). Bacteria such as E.coli and staph can be transferred from hands to doorknobs, handrails, fridge and microwave doors and from there, they can travel with you to your desk.

    If employees are eating by there desk, crumbs and splashes can attract bacteria. When scientists swabbed desks in office buildings, they found that computer mice, keyboards and phones had the highest number of bacteria per square inch.

    So, what can be done to minimise the growth and spread of germs and bacteria?

    1. Encourage staff to wipe down their desk a couple of times a week
    2. Have employees wash their hands after using the toilet or place hand sanitisers close by.
    3. Don’t have staff eating by their desk! Encourage staff to take a break and eat elsewhere.
    4. Hire professional commercial cleaning services to provide regular cleaning service.

    Hire a professional commercial cleaning service?

    Yes, hiring professional cleaning services like A&R Cleaning services which is based in Cardiff can seriously help your office and minimize the growth and spread of germs and bacteria.

    As mentioned before, with employees increasingly eating by their desk to get their work done, they can often leave crumbs that can easily attract germs and bacteria to their desk. By having a professional cleaning service like A&R Cleaning Services, we can provide regular cleaning services that not only means that your employees desk will be looking cleaner and free from food crumbs, they will be more hygienic – which can be achieved by using industry-approved products that can effectively kill germs and bacteria such as E.coli and staph which a brought from other areas of the office and use of our colour-coded cloths and equipment.

    If you are looking to change cleaning providers, then take a look at our website for more details. Or you can call us on 01656 713950 to arrange a free quotation.

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