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    The benefits of having a professional cleaning service in your surgery

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    Whilst offering a clean working environment is important in the workplace, it is required for a medical practice.

    Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like A&R Cleaning Services can ensure high standards of cleaning that is required for surgery are met – for both the benefit of staff and patients.

    So, what are the benefits of having professional cleaning services in your surgery?

    Help keep medial staff health and improve patient recovery rates

    Staff that work in a surgery are going to be exposed to a range of germs and bacteria that come from sick patients or surfaces that have not been properly cleaned. To minimise staff going on sick leave, having your surgery professionally cleaning can help keep these harmful germs at bay.

    When patients visit a surgery, their immune system could possibly be compromised and if they are exposed to germs and bacteria, it could worsen their condition or make them vulnerable to further illnesses. 

    Having a clean surgery can have a dramatic effect on the spread of germs and illnesses and so using a professional cleaning service such as A&R Cleaning Services will ensure that your surgery is clean and it compliant with health and safety regulations.

    Reduce the strain on doctors, nurses and the NHS

    With recent cuts to funding the NHS is stretched to its limit and so having to complete cleaning tasks in between seeing patients can lead to cleaning mistakes and stress.

    Having A&R Cleaning Services as your professional cleaning service can remove the cleaning headache and stress that is placed on employees by ensuring that the main cleaning duties are taken care of.

    Not only does removing cleaning duties allow staff to focus on their patients, but it also increases the surgeries efficiency. Having professional cleaning services can decrease patient waiting times and medical staff can provide a more positive and patient-focused experience.

    Help boost morale!

    Nothing is worse than having demotivated staff within the workplace, especially in a surgery. Having unmotivated staff can lead to patients not having a good relationship and could potentially lead to medical mistakes.

    Having a professional cleaning service can boost your medical staff’s morale as they won’t be responsible for cleaning tasks around the surgery after a long day at work. In a high-pressure medical industry, employee morale is particularly important to ensure that patients are satisfied and a high standard or medical treatment. We at A&R Cleaning Services can help ensure that staff morale at your surgery remains high.

    Maintain a cleaning and pleasant environment

    First impressions aren’t just for places that need to make money, the same goes for surgeries and it’s important that they give a good first impression to their patients – especially when they are entrusting medical professionals with their healthcare.

    Therefore, a clean reception and waiting area will encourage patients to feel confident in the medical service that’s being provided. High standards of cleaning should be maintained throughout a surgery – from the toilets to the doctor’s office – and these can be achieved by using a reputable professional cleaning service like A&R Cleaning Services.

    This ensures the surgery remains clean and hygienic environment for both staff and patients visiting.

    Receive a professional cleaning service.

    By hiring professional commercial cleaning services that specializes in surgery cleaning, you can ensure that stringent hygiene requirements are met at your surgery. At A&R Cleaning Services we are knowledgeable about taking steps to avoid cross-contamination, such as using colour-coded cloths and equipment. Professional commercial cleaning services will base their cleaning around guidelines including the National specifications for cleanliness for NHS Medical and Dental Premises.

    A professional cleaning service should clean all areas of the surgery including the reception area, toilets, waiting area and treatment rooms.  Cleaning should be provided and completed by highly trained professional cleaning operative and the service should be specific to the medical premises.

    We at A&R Cleaning Service have over 40 years of cleaning experience and know that surgeries have a duty of care to provide a clean and healthy environment for their patients. We employ staff from the local area and provide full inhouse training in COSHH, Health & Safety, Bodily fluids and Manual Handling and all staff are trained to use our colour-coded cloths and equipment to reduce cross-contamination.

    As surgeries can harbour harmful germs and bacteria such as MRSA, E.coli, Staph, Cold & Flu we ensure that alongside our colour code system we use products that are proven to disinfect – killing these harmful germs and bacteria and leaving your surgery clean and fresh.

    If you are looking to change cleaning providers or would like to experience the benefits of having professional cleaning services in your surgery, then contact A&R Cleaning Services on 01656 713950 to arrange a free quotation. If you would like more information about our healthcare cleaning services, then visit our website for more details.

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