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    The Importance of a Clean Car Showroom.

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    How to maximise your showroom

    Buying a car is one of the top purchases that anyone will make in their lifetime, which is why it’s important for a customer to come away from buying a car with a fulfilled and happy experience.

    Giving a customer a great experience can help ensure that your showroom stands out from the crowd, which could deter them from visiting other dealerships and avoid potential loss of business to you. A dark and dirty showroom can create a bad impression putting off potential customers from making a purchase. Customers are more likely to purchase a vehicle when there is a desirable environment and the showroom is well presented.

    How do you keep your showroom clean?

    A clean and shiny car will attract the attention of potential customers, but to show off the car to its full effect the showroom should attract the same attention. Everything within the showroom should be regularly cleaned and as spotless as the car you’re trying to sell.

    Keep floors clean: open spaces need to be kept clean of tyre marks, which can come from cars being moved around the showroom. Car showroom flooring should be hard wearing and cleaned with suitable cleaning products.

    Hygienic washroom facilities: When customers visit a showroom, they are likely to use your washroom facilities. Make sure that they are regularly cleaned to maintain hygienic and cleanliness standards are maintained.

    Eliminate bad odours: Having customers visit your car showroom and get hit by the smell of car fumes isn’t very welcoming, so use air fresheners to create a welcoming environment.

    Desks: If your reception or office desk is piled high with papers and car documents it tells the customer that your showroom isn’t very organised. Filing paperwork away and keeping your desk clean presents a more organised and professional image.

    Dust removal: If you have areas that have very bright lighting, dust can become more visible. Pay attention to screens, door handles and other areas that can harbour germs and can be easily missed when cleaning. Make sure that air conditioning units and air vents are regularly cleaned and are free from dust.

    Clean Windows: Having streak-free windows can complement a car on show, so use products that have a streak-free formula.

    Clean Walls: White walls are great at bouncing light into a room and make it look clean, but they can often show up scuff marks from moving furniture. Regularly wipe them down so marks are not visible to customers.

    If you or your staff don’t have time clean, it is good to outsource it to commercial cleaning providers. We at A&R Cleaning Services know that having a clean showroom can increase car sales but also create a great customer experience and we work with a number of showrooms including FRF Toyota and Bridgend Fords. We use specialist products that are effective at removing stubborn stains on walls and flooring but are also effective at disinfecting creating a clean and hygienic environment for customers and staff.

    If you would like to have a free quote call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website for more details about our services.

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