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    Water coolers: What’s lurking inside yours?

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    Do you know what's lurking in your office water cooler?

    When you enter an office space you see the usual things – computers, desks, office chairs, lights, stationary and of course the office water cooler, the perfect meeting place to catch up with colleagues all the while keeping yourself hydrated with clean and fresh water.

    But with constant use, a water cooler can be a hotspot for germs and bacteria to grow not only on the outside of the cooler but also the inside. Studies show that water coolers can have 20x as much bacteria levels as on a conference room door handle. But with regular cleaning, this can be reduced. But what about the hidden areas such as the drip tray?

    When cleaning a water cooler, the drip tray can be overlooked and easily fill up with stagnant water, becoming the perfect environment for bacteria such as E-coli and Psuedomonas but also mould to grow. If left alone these infections, bacteria and mould can spread to the spouts and taps but also spread internally through the water coolers system, contaminating the water and spreading across to other areas in the office when used. This not only leads to the office becoming unclean, it can cause staff to become ill and increase the number of sickness absences, effecting your businesses productivity.

    How can A&R help you?

    Our experienced cleaning staff understand the importance of maintaining high standards of cleaning especially in areas that aren’t always seen. We train our staff to recognise areas that are often overlooked such as water cooler drip trays, noting them as an area to focus on.  

    When cleaning such areas, we will:

    • Use specialist cleaning products that are effective at removing dirt and disinfecting – Killing bacteria and combating the spread of major infections such as E-coli and Psuedomonas
    • Use colour coded cloths and equipment to prevent cross contamination.
    • Understand the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions and that cleaners take precautions which comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)
    • Separate infectious waste from normal waste.

    If you need advice or would like a quote for contract cleaning please contact us on 01656 713950 or arrange a call here.

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