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    The deep clean: What is it and why is it different to regular cleaning?

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    Everything you need to know about deep cleaning

    You may have heard us talking about the deep clean from time to time and wondered what it’s all about. We start all contracts with them then schedule them in, as often as required, around the regular contract cleaning.

    If our cleaning is to the highest standard, then what makes one clean ‘better’ than a regular clean? Our belief is that it’s not that it’s necessarily better, it’s that a deep clean is necessary as part of a regular cleaning schedule.

    Read on to find out more about this important part of our commercial cleaning service.

    What’s involved?

    Here’s the breakdown of what’s included in the deep clean:

    • Dusting light fittings
    • Washing down woodwork e.g. picture rails & skirting boards
    • Scrubbing tile grout
    • Washing internal windows and seals
    • Stain removal
    • Floor cleaning & polish
    • Degreasing kitchen and appliances

    This level of cleaning consists of a top to bottom clean. Everything gets washed and furniture is moved out to remove dust and dirt build up. No part of the room is safe from this thorough and extensive process.

    Why is it needed?

    The ultimate aim of the deep clean is to achieve a level of hygiene that makes day to day cleaning more effective. Think of it as the ‘reset’ button of cleaning which will get any room, office, kitchen, bathroom or otherwise back to its original glory. We find this the most efficient and effective way to work.

    When is the deep clean needed?

    There are two occasions when we provide the top to bottom clean:

    1. At the start of a new contract
    The deep clean takes a team of cleaners and takes longer than a daily clean. However, it’s well worth the time and effort as it makes premises easier to maintain going forward. This is why it makes sense to do it at the start when you hire a commercial cleaning company.

    2. One-off cleans
    Sometimes a business or premises will need a one-off deep clean. For example, after an event, party or something out of the ordinary.

    Our philosophy

    We are passionate about quality cleaning, and the difference it makes to a business when done properly. Our team share this passion and it comes across in all the work we do.
    This way of working is our standard, and because each business is completely unique we will devise a bespoke schedule most appropriate for your premises.

    We’re never just ticking boxes. We are perfectionists that take pride in our work. We clean workplaces so that they look their best, are truly hygienic and are safe. This is why we ensure a deep clean is included as part of our service to you.

    If the above is something your business needs, then request a quote or call our friendly team on 01656 713950.

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