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    Which Cleaning Schedule Suits Your Business?

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    When your business is looking a bit untidy and you are a looking for a professional cleaning service in Cardiff, it important to consider a system that best suits your business and can make a big, positive difference.

    So, when it comes to the cleaning, should you have it daily? Maybe a weekly clean can keep your office tidy? Perhaps your office is so clean that it only needs a deep clean to remove some of the hard to reach areas? Whatever the reason, it is important that you have your business cleaned frequently.

    So, when looking for a cleaning provider or changing, another key area that you to put some thought into is your cleaning schedule. When looking at a cleaning schedule you should think ‘Will I be there to let the cleaners in and out after work hours? Does our office need to be cleaned after lunch? Should it be cleaned early in the morning?’. Every business is different so it is important to take a moment to consider a cleaning schedule that will fit seamlessly into your business.

    We at A&R Cleaning services know that no two businesses are the same and require different cleaning schedules. That is why, when we first meet clients across Cardiff and South Wales, we work closely with them to create a rota and cleaning schedule that ticks all the right boxes.

    Now the big question is, which setup will work best for you?


    The first thing you want to think about is, how often should the cleaning be?


    If your business receives a lot of visits from clients or visitors and is quite busy throughout the day then having daily cleaning is a good idea – especially if you want to impress potential clients with a professional appearance.


    If your business doesn’t see a lot of people but still gets untidy, then have a weekly clean should be enough to keep your business clean for employees. If you can implement good cleaning habits amongst staff (using recycling bins, wiping down the kitchen after use, running the dishwasher regularly, etc) can help keep your business clean and tidy.


    For small businesses, many employees are happy to do housekeeping tasks themselves, so a monthly deep clean is all your business will need. Monthly deep cleans are also good for larger business with daily or weekly cleans – especially to make the mess more manageable.


    With cleaning you can schedule it for any time of the day, however, these three options are often the most convenient.

    Before Hours

    If you are someone who tends to get into work before your staff, then having a pre-working clean can be the best option. This ensures that your cleaners can do their job without having staff in the way. It also ensures that your business is clean and fresh ready for the day ahead. If you feel that you can’t come in to let the cleaners in but still want to have an early morning clean, we can provide keyholding services which allows our cleaning staff to come in, without you having to get out of bed.

    After Hours

    With many businesses taking on larger workloads, you most probably see yourself working later than your staff. If so then having after-hours cleaning may be the right option for you. Like the early morning cleaning, having after-hours cleaning will ensure that your business is sparkling clean and ready for the next morning.

    After Lunch

    Lunch can be a messy affair, especially if you have lots have staff on break at one time. If you want your office looking spotless for anyone visiting your business in the afternoon, a clean after lunchtime will help remove food smells, crumbs and clutter.

    If you are looking to have a new cleaning schedule that suits your business better, then A&R are here to help! At A&R Cleaning services, we can work closely with you and your business and create a bespoke cleaning schedule and system that best suits your business. To find out more about our services visit our website or give us a call on 01656 713950.

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