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    Why having Daily cleaning is more important than ever.

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    Even though many of employees are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic many businesses and even the government are encouraging staff to return to their desks. So, to give returning staff peace of mind their work environment needs to be as safe and clean as possible.

    The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed how we go on with our day to day lives unexpectedly and without warning. With many offices and workplaces within our cities and suburbs closing their doors and some yet to re-open their doors. But before workplaces open their doors and welcome staff back, managers and employers who are responsible for their staff’s safety will need to make that social distancing can be observed and all measures (hand sanitising stations, one way systems, etc) have been taken to allow staff to carry out their day to day duties in a safe environment.

    So how can having daily cleaning help?

    Whether you are a large corporate office, a school or a retailer, there is a strong emphasis on workplaces maintaining a safe and clean environment. Having continuous and reliable cleaning services provided by a professional cleaning service not only means that your workplace is kept clean to a high standard, it reduces the risk of your staff, pupils, customers or the public from picking up harmful germs and bacteria from surfaces.

    Alongside having professional cleaning services that will keep your workplace clean, you are also getting expert knowledge and experience. Professional cleaning providers have years of knowledge and experience and know what procedures and practises they need to implement to ensure that your workplace is cleaned to the highest standards and your staff are able to work in a safe and clean environment.

    For example, a manufacturer would require a deep clean to remove built-up dirt and debris before having daily cleaning conducted. This allows surfaces to be thoroughly cleaned but also allows the products used during daily cleaning to be effective at removing dirt, debris and bacteria from surfaces.

    Professional Commercial Cleaning providers such as A&R Cleaning Services are experts in providing high quality and professional cleaning services. Due to our experience, knowledge and proactive nature, we know which virucidal products need to be used, what equipment is needed and what procedures and practices need to be used to follow current guidelines. If you have a suspected and confirmed case within your workplace, we can quickly respond and provide decontamination deep cleans and bio-misting services to offer protection for further viral infections.

    To learn more about our professional cleaning services call our team on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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