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    Why should large companies use A&R Cleaning Services?

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    With offices become a regular sight in our city’s skyline – it is essential that they a regularly cleaned to create a positive impression on clients and potential customers and allowing staff to focus on their work rather than focusing on the cleaning job they have to do. Having staff clean your office is not only a negative use of their time, but it can also affect their productivity while absenteeism and high staff turnover rates increase.

    Large companies in Cardiff entrust their office cleaning needs to professional commercial cleaning services such as ourselves A&R Cleaning Services.

    Hiring a professional commercial company in Cardiff allows you to keep your business clean without putting pressure on your employees and allowing them to focus on their work.

    And there are other benefits to having professional cleaning services.

    A professional and experienced cleaning team:

    We don’t just put anyone into your business to clean and expect them to do a brilliant job. We employ highly professional cleaners that are fully trained to clean every nook and cranny of your large office space. Here at A&R cleaning Services all of our team are fully trained in the latest cleaning techniques and handling the most innovative cleaning equipment.

    A large effective team of professional cleaners:

    A&R Cleaning Services is a well-established commercial cleaning provider in Cardiff, employing over 200 cleaning operatives. We assign our cleaning operatives to maintain over 150 of our clients in South Wales and the South West – ensuring that all are getting high-quality cleaning standards and service.

    Focus more on what you do:

    At your business, you employ staff to carry out day-to-day business activities. However, having staff clean their own workspace/work environment can make them feel demotivated or discouraged. Some may even leave your business for good.

    Having your cleaning outsourced to A&R Cleaning Services not only allows your employees to focus more on their work, but your office is also regularly maintained, clean and organised.

    Saves you time and resources

    Having to constantly pay out for cleaning products and cleaning equipment can be a headache and can hurt your bottom line. Also spending your time employing the right person to clean your office space cab make you lose focus on your work.

    Here at A&R cleaning Services we are an experienced and professional cleaning provider and can help improve your bottom line. When you hire a professional cleaning provider to maintain your workspace, your employees get more time to complete their tasks. Moreover, you will make savings as you won’t need to invest in products, equipment or staff training.

    Competitive rates:

    When businesses think of commercial cleaning services, they think that is an expensive service. But in truth, it isn’t. We at A&R Cleaning Services are able to source cleaning equipment and products from our distributors at very modest rates.

    Trust the Experts:

    We take pride in providing professional cleaning services to a variety of businesses in South Wales and the South West. Here at A&R Cleaning Services, our ethos is that we are a family run business and so we provide each of our clients a personalised approach and customised service, ensuring that they get excellent standards of cleaning from the start to contract renewal.

    If you’d like to find out more about why A&R Cleaning Services are businesses number one choice for professional cleaning services, then contact us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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