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    Why you should regularly clean your industrial unit?

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    Cleanliness is important – whether that’s at home or at work and this is no different for industrial units.

    Industrial units are the backbone of the British economy, manufacturing everything from car parts to home goods. But like any work environment – it needs to be cleaned. Some industrial units will find it difficult to maintain a clean work environment due to the number of workers, materials, equipment and their size.

    Cleanliness and hygiene should be on the top of any workplaces list and is important if you want to create a safe work environment and follow guidelines.

    So why should you regularly clean your industrial unit?

    Lack of cleaning decays machinery –

    Large investments go into large industrial machinery. So regularly maintaining them is a must if you want to avoid extra monetary costs. If heavy machinery aren’t regularly cleaned or oiled, parts will wear out faster resulting in costly damages and delays to production.

    Unhygienic Environment affects the health of workers –

    Your workforce is the very base of your business. If the working hands operating the machines and carrying out the work aren’t well, how would you run your business and satisfy demand. If the premises where the workers carry out their daily work are clean, it leads to their better health and reduces the chances of them getting ill.
    Regularly cleaning can eliminate the build-up of germs and bacteria in the workplace, making it less dangerous for your workforce.

    Huge spaces are hard to clean –

    Most industrial units are built in large areas and these large units can be difficult to clean, especially if you have a small work force in to clean it. Having professional cleaning services not only allows your unit to be professionally cleaned, it allows them to use the correct tools and equipment to give you the highest standards of cleaning in the least amount of time and ensure that every corner is reached and cleaned.

    Hidden particles are dangerous –

    Within an industrial unit, there are lots of potential hazards such as large machinery, chemicals, electric and even heavy vehicles. But you should also be aware of the hidden hazards you don’t see. When working with materials and/or chemicals, particles are thrown into the air and settle in different areas of the workplace, leading to build-up over time. If left un-checked these build ups of material and chemicals can become larger hazards and would risk your workforce and business.

    Raw materials having imperfections –

    No industrial business owner wants to make a product for a client that has imperfections in it, so making sure that the raw material is kept clean is important. But having an unhygienic environment (such as the accumulation of moisture or layers of dust) can lead to imperfections in the raw material having a knock-on effect on production and business finances. So, having your storage space regularly cleaned can decrease the potential of raw materials becoming contaminated with imperfections.

    Lack of cleaning = Lack of organisation –

    Many industrial businesses who don’t opt for cleaning are disorganised. Even though industrial units can span large areas, without regular cleaning it would look dishevelled in appearance and look disorganised. To potential customer visiting your unit, it would also look like mismanagement of your business. Regular professional cleaning helps to keep your business organised and helps in work getting completed faster.

    We at A&R Cleaning Services provide professional industrial cleaning services in South Wales and the South West. If you would like to know more about our services call us on 01656 713950 or visit our website.

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