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    Why your school cleaning should be left to the professionals?

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    School Cleaning - Why should the professionals do it?

    Schools around Cardiff and the Vale will know how quickly illness or infection can spread between pupils and staff. Within days, a large portion of pupils could be ill and are unable to attend – having a knock-on effect on attendance levels.

    Within a school, illnesses and infection can rampage and with so many people using a school, they can become havens for viruses and infections.

    Although schools in Cardiff and the Vale haven’t seen or experienced this large scale spread of illnesses in school, there is still the challenge of ensuring that pupils maintain a good level of hygiene and there is effective infection control.

    Some of the most common illnesses that cause pupils to miss school are:

    • Flu viruses
    • Norovirus and other diarrhoea and vomiting bugs – In November 2019 several schools in the north of England had to close their doors due to an outbreak of the Norovirus – affecting 300 people.
    • Chickenpox and Shingles

    These illnesses and infections can have devastating effects on attendance levels and school performances.

    So why should your school cleaning be left to the professionals?

    As previously mentioned before, schools can be havens for viruses and infections which can then quickly spread throughout the building. So, when it comes to cleaning it is important to know what you are doing to combat infections and viruses.

    Having teaching staff or the caretaker to do the cleaning may seem like a money-saving idea but it can be the opposite. With staff working overtime to clean and the potential for illnesses to spread due to inadequate cleaning can cost your school more compared to having the professionals in.

    Most school cleaning services are provided by the local authority but many schools in Cardiff and the Vale outsource their cleaning to third party cleaning provider like A&R Cleaning Services. We at A&R Cleaning Services have experience in cleaning schools in Cardiff and the Vale and we understand the importance of a monitored, controlled cleaning regime.

    As we are experienced with cleaning schools and preventing the spread of infections and viruses from spreading in school, we use effective colour-coded cleaning equipment and cloths to prevent cross-contamination between surfaces. In combination with our colour coded system, we use industry products which are effective at combatting the spread of infection and viruses such as cold & flu, the norovirus and chickenpox. If children have been ill at school or have had an accident, our cleaning staff are fully trained in COSHH, Manual Handling and Bodily Fluid clean up and know how to dispose of potentially hazardous waste material.

    If you need any advice on a cleaning regime for your school or a quote for contract cleaning, call us on 01656 713950 or arrange a call back here.

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